How to Repurpose Old Kitchen Cabinets? – Repurposing Ideas

Retrofitting an interior pull-out in the kitchen

This guide will show you how you can retrofit an interior pull-out in your kitchen. Find out what fittings and types of pull-outs are available, how to choose the right pull-outs and how to install the kitchen pull-out containers in the cupboard.

Can you remodel kitchen cabinets?

You can also keep order in base cabinets with the right system. Interior pull-outs with pull-out containers are particularly suitable for better clarity. You can also install these later in the base cabinets of the kitchen.

The shelves are replaced with matching fittings and pull-outs. You can still use the door of the cupboard because it is retained in a front pull-out . With an internal pull-out, the hinges are removed so that the door opens frontally rather than sideways. This means you can use the entire width of the kitchen cabinets.

You can also retrofit a tall old cabinet with interior pull-out containers. Tall cupboards are often narrow and deep and offer greater comfort and more order in the cupboard thanks to pull-outs.

Find the right drawer pullout

There are three different pull-out types for pull-out containers. Depending on the requirements, cabinet width and type of installation, the underfloor pull-out, the telescopic pull-out or the roller pull-out can be suitable for your kitchen unit.

In addition to the simpler front and interior pull-outs, there are special corner solutions that make the best possible use of the available space and cabinet width and are particularly comfortable for your new kitchen. This makeover includes, among other things, the corner pull-out, whose fronts have a 90° angle and therefore do not interfere with each other. With the corner roundel, the cupboard doors fold together when opened so that the shelves can be rotated. Such systems are used, for example, in corner kitchens.

Note: In contrast to a front or interior pull-out, these variants are not suitable for retrofitting. You should take this into account when purchasing your fitted kitchen.

When choosing the right pull-out container, also consider the maximum load capacity of the pull-out containers. You can also select additional functions such as self-closing, which gently and quietly pulls the last piece of the inner pull-out container into the body, or supplement the kitchen pull-out container with a cutlery insert of the appropriate size.

Converting boring drawer into a pull-out cabinet
Source: Architecture Art Design

Drawer fittings

The underfloor pull-out is attached under the kitchen pull-out container and therefore takes up very little space in the width of the cupboard. However, due to the substructure, some storage space is lost in height. The advantage of this full extension is that it cannot be seen when the pull-out container is opened and closed.

The fittings of the telescopic pull-out container are on the sides. They are grooved into the inner pull-out container, which is why assembly is not difficult. The telescopic pull-out makes the best possible use of the available storage space and cabinet width. It is available in many variants and is used very frequently.

Roller pullouts are inexpensive and stable. However, compared to underfloor and telescopic pull-out containers, the rollers are not as quiet when pulled out. For this reason they are well suited for storage cupboards or the workshop.

Front or interior pull-out

With the front pull-out, the bottom full extension extends automatically when the cabinet door is opened. To do this, remove the hinges from the door so that it can open at the front, and attach the bottom shelf to the inside of the door.

Tip: With a self-closing mechanism you ensure that the door can be closed quietly and does not open unintentionally.

With an interior pull-out, you can operate and remove all of the interior pull-out containers in your kitchen cupboard individually. This ensures more order and a clear overview. Please note that due to the door hinges, you may need to attach spacers so that the pull-outs can be pulled out.

Partial or full extension

Every type of fitting is available as a partial or full extension. With full extension it is possible to pull out the entire length of the kitchen pull-out container. This variant is particularly suitable for very deep cupboards and tall cupboards, as it gives you access to the rearmost parts.

A partial pull-out can usually be opened up to two thirds. The advantage of this pull-out compared to the full extension is the price and the simpler design of the fittings.

Pull out drawers
Source: Love and Renovation

Retrofit interior pull-out

If you want to retrofit your kitchen cabinet with interior pull-out containers, there are a few things to consider. First check the width of the door hinges. So that you can completely pull out your pull-outs later, you need spacer strips that ensure the necessary distance.

Once you have selected the right spacer strips, you can choose suitable extensions. These must be narrower than the cabinet width . You can then attach the telescopic rails with the spacer strips in the desired position in the cabinet.

Tip: If you want to store a lot of small foods or containers, you can attach two or more pull-outs on top of each other.

Finally, attach the inner drawers or alternatively wire baskets.

Build your own drawer system or pull-outs? – DIY

You can assemble the pull-outs for your kitchen cupboard using a drawer system from a specialist retailer. Here you can choose from many materials. Wire baskets, for example, are very flexible and can be installed in little time.

Alternatively, you can also build your own kitchen drawers and then insert them into the base cabinets of your kitchen. Wood is particularly suitable as a building material for this. You can build your own drawers using thin wooden panels, the right connections and tools.

Note: If you build the pull-out containers yourself, make sure you have the correct dimensions.

Convert Kitchen Cabinet into Bathroom Cabinets
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Repurpose kitchen cabinets and continue to use them in different rooms

Can you imagine a kitchen without kitchen cabinets? We hardly think! The upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen actually make up the look of this important room. They can be made from a variety of materials, with wood being the most popular. You can also be very creative in designing the kitchen cabinets in different styles, from country house style to Scandi and minimalism to super modern. The cutting-edge kitchen cupboards are currently made of tempered glass and are color-matched to the overall kitchen design. You no longer use handles, but push mechanisms to open them. If you are renovating your kitchen soon and want to add a modern touch to the room, you have plenty of great options. But the question is, what do you do with the aged kitchen cupboards that are in good condition? It’s a shame to take them to the trash heap. No, that shouldn’t happen under any circumstances, because you can reutilize kitchen cupboards and continue to use them at home.

Why do you have to reutilize kitchen cupboards and reuse them?

Kitchen cabinetry are very practical pieces of furniture and are characterized by their durability. As is well known, they are made from natural wood, for example solid wood. This material never goes out of style and is extremely durable. Since furniture made of solid wood is quite expensive, inexpensive versions of kitchen cupboards have also been designed, for example made of plywood, pressboard, with real wood or plastic veneers. On the one hand, they imitate natural wood well, but on the other hand, they are very resistant. With proper care, you can enjoy your kitchen cupboards for years to come. Kitchen cupboards can be repurposed for this purpose, and quite easily. You can paint the wooden surfaces in a desired color, varnish them or spice them up with an additional layer of gloss. This will breathe new life into your aged kitchen cupboards.

Repurpose kitchen cabinets – 5 enchanting ideas for remodeling and repurposing them

Kitchen cupboards in the home office

Since most people are currently working from home, it is very important that they feel comfortable there and have enough storage space for documents, folders and many other office supplies. That’s why there’s nothing better than repurposing a few kitchen cupboards and using them in your own workspace. Kitchen cupboards offer you open and closed storage units, they have numerous pull-out containers and open shelves. Simply ideal for any home office! Repaint the cabinets in a matching color and combine them with a desk. You can design your new workspace so quickly!

 Repurpose kitchen cabinets and use them in the bathroom

If you have a large bathroom and want lots of storage space, need a double vanity, dressing corner and the like, kitchen cupboards are your best choice. You can put together different combinations of these and make your bathroom look beautiful by sticking to one style, you don’t need to adjust anything here. A vanity or dressing table can also be converted from kitchen cupboards – just add a new top.

Converting Kitchen cabinets into Bathroom Vanity
Source: Industry Standard Design

Kitchen cabinets can be used well in the laundry room

Laundry rooms  are becoming increasingly popular because they are multifunctional spaces. You also need a lot of storage space there, so you can reutilize your aged kitchen cupboards and use them in your laundry room. Even if the room is fairly small, you may need a few closets to hide a washer and dryer. You probably still want the laundry room to be as organized and clean as possible, right? The converted kitchen cupboards in particular help you with their storage space to clear out the laundry room and hide everything you don’t need.

The high cupboard offers plenty of storage space where you can also hide the washing machine and dryer.

Converting Kitchen Cabinets into Laundry Room
Source: Lowe’s

Kitchen cupboards also look great in a home bar

If you have a home bar or want to make one, get some kitchen cupboards to remodel and best organize your drink preparation and storage. If the cabinets match your kitchen, they will be ideal and very practical at the same time. There is enough storehouse space where you can store bottles, openers, glasses and other stuff. A small additional refrigerator especially for drinks can also be hidden there. What do you think of this idea?

Remodeled kitchen cupboards are a must in every dining room

More and more apartments and houses have a separate dining room, which is why all design aspects in this room are in demand and current. Remodeled kitchen cupboards are an absolute must there. These pieces of furniture can be used to store dishes, wine bottles and various kitchen accessories that are not needed for cooking but for serving. Decorate the kitchen cupboards in the dining room with photos, pictures or small souvenirs and you will have a beautiful, stylish and very cozy dining room! For your great times together with family and friends!

Converting Kitchen Cabinets into Dinning Room
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

 Reuse aged kitchen cupboards and find a practical use for them in the dining room


Q: How can I reutilize aged kitchen cupboards?

A: There are many creative ways to reutilize aged kitchen cupboards. You can transform them into a storage bench, sideboard, or even a DIY play kitchen for kids. It’s a great way to give old cabinets a new lease on life.

Q: What are some popular repurposing ideas for old kitchen cabinets?

A: Some popular repurposing ideas for aged kitchen cupboards include turning them into a storage bench, using them to create a DIY play kitchen, or upcycling them into a stylish sideboard for your living room.

Q: How can I add storage to my home using old kitchen cabinets?

A: You can add storage to your home by repurposing aged kitchen cupboards into a storage bench, mudroom organization, or a sideboard for extra storage space. It’s a creative and practical way to make use of old cabinets.

Q: Are there any unique ways to reutilize aged kitchen cupboards?

A: Yes, there are plenty of unique ways to reutilize aged kitchen cupboards. You can reuse them into a custom storage solution, a rustic chic sideboard, or even a DIY play kitchen for your children.

Q: What are some creative ways to make space with old kitchen cabinets?

A: Some creative ways to make space with aged kitchen cupboards include turning them into a storage bench, repurposing them into a stylish sideboard, or upcycling them into a rustic chic piece of furniture for extra storage.

Q: How can I reutilize aged kitchen cupboards for Pinterest-worthy projects?

A: You can reutilize aged kitchen cupboards for Pinterest-worthy projects by creating a DIY play kitchen, a stylish storage bench, or a repurposed sideboard that will impress your followers with its chic and practical design.

Q: What are some easy DIY projects using aged kitchen cupboards for storage?

A: Easy DIY projects using aged kitchen cupboards for storage include creating a storage bench, repurposing them into a stylish sideboard, or transforming them into a mudroom organization solution. It’s a fun and practical way to reutilize old cabinets.

Q: What are the benefits of repurposing old kitchen cabinets for additional storage?

A: Repurposing aged kitchen cupboards for additional storage helps you save money on new furniture, contributes to sustainability by reutilizing materials, and allows you to customize and create unique storage solutions for different areas of your home.

Q: Can old kitchen cabinets be repurposed to create a stylish mudroom solution?

A: Yes, aged kitchen cupboards can be repurposed to create a stylish mudroom solution. By upcycling them into a storage bench or mudroom organization system, you can achieve a chic and functional space for organizing shoes, coats, and other items.

Q: What are some clever ways to reutilize aged kitchen cupboards for upcycling projects?

A: Clever ways to reutilize old kitchen cupboards for upcycling projects include turning them into a stylish sideboard, creating a DIY play kitchen for kids, or refurbishing them into a unique storage bench that adds character to your home.

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