8 Creative Coffee Mug Storage Ideas for Small Kitchens

Smart Coffee Mug Storage Ideas

Being a stay-at-home, I spend most of my time in the kitchen. So, a neatly organized kitchen with minimum clutter keeps my sanity intact. I hope the parents out there can relate to me.

Anyways, coming to the kitchen organization, me and my husband are coffee lovers and we have a huge collection of coffee and tea mugs. With the passage of time and few trial and errors, I have discovered some creative coffee mug storage ideas that are ideal for small kitchens. Keep reading if you want to organize your mugs in stylish ways:

Create a cute mug display on countertop

One of the quickest ways to organize your coffee mug collection is to simply put them on the kitchen countertop. This makes it easy for busy parents like me to grab cups in the morning in no time. You can keep your collection of mugs near the coffee maker so that everything is within easy reach. For this purpose, you can also use a mug holder or a coffee mug rack.

Open shelving

If you have open shelving in your kitchen, display your mugs and designate the shelf as mug shelf. This smart mug storage idea will save space in your kitchen. You can either stack the mugs in these shelves or put them individually. 

coffee mug displayed in open shelves
Source: Margaret Austin Photo

Floating shelf

Installing floating shelves in any of the kitchen walls is another smart to utilize vertical space of your small kitchen. You may display your favorite mugs in those shelves and keep the rest of your kitchen mess-free. 

Designate one kitchen cabinet 

If you have enough cabinet space in the kitchen, you can designate one kitchen cabinet for storing all you mugs. This way will keep the mugs in hidden keeping your kitchen visually clutter-free. 

coffee mugs stored in a kitchen cabinets
Source: Smallish Home

Hang mugs to utilize vertical space 

Install a wall-mounted mug rack or hooks so that you can hang your everyday mugs there. With this coffee mug storage idea, you can grab mugs in the morning swiftly. 

Keep the mugs near your coffee station

If you have a coffee bar or coffee station in your kitchen, then keeping your coffee mugs near the station would be an ideal fix. This way, you won’t have to run through the whole kitchen for searching your favorite mug. 

coffee station having coffee accessories and mugs

Shelf risers

To maximize the cabinet space of your kitchen, you can keep shelf risers and store your coffee mugs there. In this way, you will be able to store more mugs in little space. 

coffee mugs stored inside kitchen cabinet

Try stacking the coffee mugs

Stacking the coffee mugs inside the kitchen cabinets is another space-saving idea. Get all your matching coffee mugs at one place and try stacking them.

coffee mug organization and storage

The time and effort you invest in organizing your coffee mugs is all worth it. I mean you will notice it in the morning, when you are getting late for the day and you have all your coffee mugs nicely organized infront of you.

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