8 Practical Tea Storage Ideas to Organize Loose Tea and Tea Bags

How to organize teas in your kitchen

Tea is the first thing that I want when I open my eyes in the morning. I prefer making my tea with loose tea leaves whereas my husband is a tea bag fan. So, at times it used becomes such a hassle to organize my tea stash. However, with years of trial and errors, I have discovered some cool tea storage ideas that really help me in organizing my tea collection. Today, I am going to share those tea organization ideas so keep reading:

Storing your tea blends properly is very important to maintain the flavor and aroma of your tea stash. Also, proper tea storage system allows you to keep your teas within reach. 

1. DIY Tea Organizer to store tea bags

A cheap and quick way to organize your tea bags is to DIY a tea bag organizer. This simple DIY tea organizer is cost-effective and it involves just a plastic basket or container and few zip lock bags.
For individually packed tea bags, you can store them in the basket. If you have different flavors of tea bags, then it would be better to keep them in their own packaging and put the packaging in the basket. For tea bags that are not wrapped, put them in the zip lock bags and you are good to go!

Another cool DIY tea organizer is shared by Kristen Hubert in which she upcycled an empty air-tight basket. She covered the basket with colored paper and created the dividers by herself (amazing, right?!) and stored different kinds of tea bags in this organizer. You should definitely try this hack. 

2. Get a tea bag organizer

Getting yourself an acrylic tea bag storage container will solve many problems related to organizing different teas. Such an organizer is airtight and have different dividers to keep your tea bag stash in place. 

3. Label the tea containers

If you have a large collection of tea blends then you must keep them in separate jars and label them. Labeling the jars will make it easy for you to find the specific tea flavor you are looking for. You can categorize the teas according to flavor (such as spicy, floral, fruity) or type (like green, herbal or black tea). You can use a label maker to create labels. Also, don’t forget to mention the expiration date on each tea canister. 

4. Drawer dividers to store tea bags inside a drawer

Dumping all tea bags inside a drawer creates a mess in no time. To solve this problem, install dividers in your kitchen drawers for storing different types of tea bags. You can also divide them by type such as caffeinated and decaffeinated. This way, your tea collection looks super organized and catchy. 

5. Canisters to store your tea bags

This my personal favorite storage solution to keep tea bags organized and easily accessible. I use pretty canister or sometimes glass jars and put all my tea bags that my husband uses daily. I keep this canister on my countertop so that it’s always within our reach. 

6. Store loose leaf tea in it’s packaging

It is always a great idea to keep the lose leaf teas in their packaging. This will keep them fresh for a longer time. You can seal the opened bag using a clip and put the tea box in an air tight jar so that no air or moisture enters the tea. 

7. Tea bag stand for displaying your tea bag collection

Another way to store your wrapped tea bags is to get a tea bag stand. This way, you will be able to display all your tea collection with their original packaging, while keeping them organized. You can also use this stand to store hot chocolate packets and so on. 

8. Install a spice rack to store your tea stash

If you are running short of space in your kitchen or pantry, you can hang a wall-mounted spice rack and keep all your tea boxes in that. 


To keep your teas fresh for an extended period of time, please make sure that you keep them away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Thus, using airtight containers to keep different varieties of teas in a dark and dry place is the key here. Use these tips for storing and organizing various tea types and share with other tea lovers. 

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