How to Deep Clean an Instant Pot Pressure Cooker 

If you ask me about one kitchen appliance without which I can not survive a day in my kitchen. My answer would definitely be the Instant Pot Pressure Cooker. This magical gadget literally helps you in cooking a wide range of meals with no effort. However, cooking in the instant pot is one thing but keeping it clean is something you should pay special attention to. 

how to clean an instant pot
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In this blog post, I will be sharing my in-depth knowledge about cleaning the instant pot so please keep reading. 

How to clean the instant pot after every use? 

Cleaning the instant pot is fairly a simple process as all its parts are easily removable and can be washed off. A quick clean up after each use that involves washing each part with hand or through dishwasher is mandatory.

You can easily wash the instant pot after every use in a dishwasher or go the conventional way in a sink.  Follow these steps to wash the instant cooker: 

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Unplug the pressure cooker and disassemble

Before cleaning any kitchen appliance, you must unplug it from the electrical outlet to avoid any hazards. Then, wait for it to cool down completely. Scrape off any left over food from the stainless steel cooking vessel with the help of a spatula. Wash the cooking vessel with a dish washing liquid and hot water or alternatively, use a dishwasher. If you have used the steaming rack during the cooking, do the same for it. 

Cleaning the sealing ring of instant pot

Now remove the silicon seal and wash it with hot water and soap. The sealing ring of instant pot is dishwasher safe, so you can also wash it in the upper rack of dishwasher while running the sanitizer cycle.

Clean the cooker base

Clean the exterior and interior of the cooker base using a damp dish cloth. This will wipe away all the food splatters. You can also, spray a bit of  white vinegar for a shiny clean-up. 

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Reassemble everything

After you have cleaned everything, use a clean cloth or microfiber towel to dry the parts. Alternatively, you can air-dry the components of instant pot. 

How to Deep Clean an Instant Pot? 

Deep cleaning an instant pot at least once a month in necessary to avoid stain build-up. In order to make sure that the vents of instant pot are free of any residue, make sure to clean the pot with vinegar and baking soda. Regular deep cleaning of any appliance ensures the longevity of it.  For a more thorough and deep clean, you may follow various steps that I am going to explain below.

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Here’s how to clean and care for your instant pot:

  1. Unplug the unit from electric supply and disassemble all parts.
  2. Clean the cord with a damp cloth. Also, observe if there is any damage in the wire that needs maintenance. 
  3. With the help of a damp sponge wipe down the interior and exterior of the cooker base. If you find any stubborn food stain which are not going away with the sponge, make a paste with baking soda and few drops of water. Apply this pate on the cooker base and gently scrub it off using a tooth brush. Later on, clean it with damp cloth. Repeat the process until necessary. 
  4. The lid of instant pot has multiple components and all of these need a deep clean once in a while. Remove the silicon seal, anti-block shield, steam release valve and condensation cup. Wash all of these parts with hot soapy water and let them dry. When everything is properly dried, reassemble all parts. 
  5. You can deep clean the inner chamber and steaming rack using the baking soda paste mentioned above. Alternatively, you can also pour 1 cup of distilled white vinegar and let it rest for 15 minutes. Later on, scrub the chamber with a scrubber or soft toot brush. Finally, rinse the pot with warm water and let it dry. 
  6. If you use your Instant Pot lid frequently, the silicone seal may start to smell. Combine one cup distilled white vinegar with one cup water, add a few lemon peels, and then transfer the liquid into the inner pot to get rid of the smell. After you’ve put the lid on, lock it. Next, close the steam release valve and leave it closed. Let the steam run for three minutes. Let the steam escape on its own after the cycle is over. Take off the seal, open the lid, and let the device air dry. Pour the mixture into your waste disposal to perform a fast extra cleaning. 

How to clean instant pot lid? 

The silicone sealing ring and anti-block shield of your pressure cooker should be taken off and cleaned separately before you clean the lid. Installed beneath the lid, the anti-block shield is a small round or oval part, depending on your pressure cooker. Using your thumb, carefully push the shield toward the lid’s rim, then lift it up to snap it off. The shield should be hand-washed in warm, soapy water and then dried with a fresh cloth.

Take off the sealing ring and carefully examine it for any symptoms of damage, such as warping or cracking, that indicate it needs to be replaced. You can either hand wash the sealing ring in soapy water or use the dishwasher. Due to its resistance to heat, you can set it anywhere on the rack of dishwasher. 

How often to clean the instant pot?

Just like any other cooking utensil, the instant pot should be cleaned after each use. You can wash the cooking chamber in a dishwasher or simple wash it with warm water and dish-washing liquid with hands. If you are like me, who uses the dishwasher frequently, you should deep clean the instant cooker at least once a month. 

Clean Your Instant Pot – FAQs

Q: How often do I need to deep clean my Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: It is recommended to deep clean your Instant Pot pressure cooker every 1-2 months, depending on frequency of use.

Q: What parts of the Instant Pot pressure cooker need to be cleaned regularly?

A: The heating element, cooking pot, and the base and heating element of the Instant Pot pressure cooker should be cleaned regularly.

Q: How do I clean the inner pot of the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: For the stainless steel inner pot, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the inside, and for tough stains, you can use a stainless steel cleaner or stainless steel wool.

Q: How should I clean the base and heating element of the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: To clean the base and heating element, wipe it clean with a slightly damp cloth, making sure the cooker is unplugged and cooled down.

Q: Can I put the sealing ring and steam rack of the Instant Pot pressure cooker in the dishwasher?

A: Yes, both the sealing ring and steam rack are dishwasher safe and can be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Q: What is the best way to remove food particles from the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: Use a toothbrush to clean around the lip and underneath the lid, and for stubborn food particles, soak the parts in warm, soapy water before cleaning.

Q: How do I remove water stains from the inside of the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: To remove water stains, mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of water, then wipe the inside of the pot with this mixture using a cloth.

Q: When do I need to replace the silicone sealing ring of the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: The silicone sealing ring should be replaced if it is damaged, has a strong odor, or if it does not fit properly in the lid.

Q: Can I use steel wool to clean the inside of the Instant Pot pressure cooker?

A: Yes, stainless steel wool can be used to clean tough stains in the stainless steel inner pot, but be careful not to scratch the surface.

Q: How can I clean the underneath part of the Instant Pot pressure cooker lid?

A: Use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean underneath the lid, especially around the sealing ring and the venting mechanisms.

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