10 Innovative Cutting Board Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

A cutting board is one of your most crucial kitchen tools, as almost every recipe includes chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. To do that, you need a surface, aka a cutting board, to protect the kitchen countertop. As a busy mom, I can’t even imagine a day without using a cutting board. I need it every day, from preparing breakfast and school lunches for my daughter to cooking lunch and dinner for the family.

Whether you have a vast collection of chopping boards or an all-in-one kind, you must sort out a solution to keep your cutting boards in a way that looks pleasant to the eyes. 

cutting board placed on a kitchen counter
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10 Innovative Cutting Board Storage Ideas

Finding a storage solution for the cutting boards might become difficult due to their size and, at times, odd shapes. In this blog post, I will share some unique and creative ideas to store your cutting boards in the kitchen. 

1. Use a basket to store cutting boards

One of the easiest and quickest ways to store cutting boards is to keep them in a storage basket, and you are good to go! Place this basket on the kitchen countertop or hide it inside a cabinet. 

cutting board storage ideas
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2. DIY cutting board rack

Kara from Project: DIY Your Home shared an incredible DIY cutting board storage rack, which saves space and looks uber cool. You must install a shelf at the side of your kitchen cabinet for this best cutting board storage rack. This little hack is ideal for small kitchens and provides a convenient place to store your cutting boards.

DIY cutting board storage shelf
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3. Wall-mounted cutting board holder

Let me share another perfect place to store and organize your cutting boards. Enhance your kitchen decor by hanging cutting boards on any available wall. Hang your cutting boards on the wall by installing s-shaped hooks, or alternatively, get a wall-mounted cutting board holder. 

Wall-mounted cutting board storage rack
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4. Cutting boards in a pull-out drawer

You can also organize cutting boards in a pull-out drawer. This drawer will be designated for cutting boards and trays, etc, only so this will keep your kitchen organized and mess-free. 

pull-out drawer for storing cutting boards in the kitchen
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5. Magazine holder to store cutting boards in the kitchen

Another best way to store cutting boards is to utilize a magazine holder. Surprised? I know this sounds crazy, but it is a perfect storage solution for your kitchen. This clever tip allows you to store a lot of cutting boards in a small space. 

cutting boards organized in a magazine holder
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6. Over the door cutting board holder

If you have a small kitchen and want to save maximum space, consider investing in an over-the-cabinet door cutting board holder. This storage rack can safely store cutting boards, trays, or baking sheets, thus saving space in your kitchen. 

over the door cutting board storage holder
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7. Designate a drawer or cabinet for your cutting boards 

Designating a drawer or cabinet is a simple hack to store your cutting boards. Please keep all your cutting boards in a drawer and place them vertically on the side of a cabinet. This way, you won’t have to search the whole kitchen before prepping any meal. 

cutting boards stored in a kitchen cabinet
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8. Storing cutting boards in a toe-space drawer

If you are getting a new kitchen made or remodeling the old one, consider installing a toe-space drawer in your kitchen. This drawer can store kitchen items such as cutting boards, muffin sheets, trays, etc. 

toe-space drawer for storing cutting boards and trays
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9. Get a cutting board organizer

There are plenty of options for cutting board organizers in the market. Such a cutting board stand is an ideal way to organize your board in a small storage space. You can store multiple cutting boards in one organizer. Thus, it is a great space-saving tip for a small kitchen

cutting board organizer for kitchen counter
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10. How do you store cutting boards on the counter?

If you want to utilize the counter space to store all of your cutting boards, get a storage stand and display the collection of boards on your countertop or kitchen island. However, before getting this storage option, measure the counter space available to purchase the rack that will fit easily. 

If you don’t want to invest in a storage rack, keep the cutting boards vertically with the wall. 

cutting boards storage and organization ideas
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Key Takeaways

It would be best if you remembered while storing cutting boards in your kitchen that they should be kept where they are easily accessible. You can grab them whenever you want. There is no point in storing anything in the kitchen if taking it out during the hour of need becomes a real hassle. Select the storage option that works best for you. 

This was all about cutting board organization ideas, and I hope you will find this article helpful. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Also, keep following my kitchen organization blog to learn more about organization hacks. 

Organizing cutting boards in the kitchen – FAQs

Q: When should I replace my cutting board?

Replace your cutting board if it has deep cuts, grooves, or splinters, as these can harbor bacteria. Also, consider a replacement if it warps, cracks, or shows signs of mold. Plastic boards often need more frequent replacement than wooden ones.

Q: When should I throw out a wooden cutting board?

Research has shown that wood has natural anti-bacterial elements, which makes it possible to have a longer life for a wood cutting board. On average, you can use a wooden board for up to 3 to 7 years, depending on the quality you are using. 

Q: How do you maintain cutting boards?

Over time, cutting boards may be damaged due to the consistent use of knives. To increase the life of cutting boards, keep them clean after every use and oil them regularly. 

Q: How do you store cutting boards out of sight?

Store cutting boards out of the way by using vertical dividers in a cabinet, hanging them inside a cabinet door, or placing them in a pull-out organizer under the counter. You can also use a deep drawer with adjustable dividers to neatly stack and separate them.

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