10 Kitchen Towel Storage Ideas: Space-Saving & Stylish Solutions

In any busy kitchen, the kitchen towel is a need for both cooking and cleaning. One is always available to use throughout any meal or prep time, from drying hands to cleaning spills and getting that little piece of food from the side of a plate.

Typically, kitchen towels are found packed thickly in drawers, their numbers and types unknown, which I hate the most. When it comes time to clear it out—if it ever does—most people are shocked to see what exists in that towel space.

I have compiled some unique Kitchen Towel Storage Ideas that are simple to discover and use if the drawer system isn’t working for you or if you simply need different ideas.  

Kitchen Towel Storage Ideas

Let’s dig into the following creative ideas to organize your kitchen towels in the least possible space. 

1. Fold Kitchen Towels using Marie Kondo’s Method

Although Kondo’s approach appears to be much more organized than others, I adore it because it is so doable. She first advises folks to fold their towels in thirds before folding them twice in half. Checkpoint: They haven’t been folded properly if they can’t stand up by themselves. 

The actual secret to Kondo’s method for storing towels is to arrange them side by side, standing them upright, in a basket, drawers, or an organizer. By doing this, you will be able to quickly see each towel. Additionally, you won’t have to handle to ‘always falling down towel tower’, if you know what I mean!

Folding kitchen towels using Marie Kondo's Method | kitchen towel organization ideas
Source: Joe Lingeman

2. Kitchen Towel Hanging Ideas

Another simple yet effective way to store kitchen towels and other kitchen linens is to hang them. Now you ask, where to hang kitchen towels? Well, if noting you can simply install hooks on any available space in your kitchen. Ideally, you should hang these under the kitchen sink area, so that they stay accessible.

Also, If you prefer, you could even put up a coat rack hanging on the wall where you may hang towels for convenient usage. 

Bar-and-Hook System for Hanging Towels

Let’s forget the traditional ways of hanging towels and discover this unique idea by home designer Ashley Montgomery. In this charming kitchen, open shelving is positioned beneath a tall brass towel bar, which has plain hooks for towel storage. 

kitchen towel storage ideas using hook and bar
Source: Ashley Montgomery Design

Hang Dish Towels at the back of Pantry or Kitchen Door

If you have a pantry door or similar door that is often closed, one inexpensive way is to install a shoe holder on the back of the door and keep one or two towels in each of the tiny pockets.

3. Store Kitchen Towels in Decorative Trays

Get a decorative tray for your kitchen and keep your hand towels neatly folded in it and you are good to go!

How to store kitchen towels in a basket
Source: Holly Blakey

4. Roll-Out the Kitchen Towels

Although vertical storage for kitchen towel  has been mentioned, some expert  organizers advise to roll towels and store them in a drawer.

It is entirely up to you whether you opt for a set of rolled towels or conventional stacks. In either case, these storage solutions will assist you in maintaining a sorted storage for towels and dish cloths. 

Storing kitchen towels in drawers
Source: Mika Perry 

5. Install Tea Towel Organizer on Cabinet Doors

You can utilize your kitchen cabinet doors and install such tea towel organizers. Fold the towels and keep them in these organizers. This will save space and keep your wash cloths and towels organized. 

Kitchen Towel Holders
Source: Command

6. Color Coordinate the Kitchen Towels 

Sometimes the smallest adjustments can have a huge impact. The Neat Method introduced this creative way to store kitchen towels that look super chic. Towels are arranged in this kitchen drawer by color, going from light to dark. The outcome is stylish and neat. 

Storing kitchen towels in drawers
Source: Neat Method

7. Store Towels in a Pull-out Cabinet

Dish towels should be kept in a cabinet near the cleanup area. To store and air-dry towels, use a pullout rack with several bars. Include a second removable bar that may be filled with paper towel rolls and then refilled. 

Pull-out cabinet for kitchen towels storage
Source: Beth Singer

8. Fold Kitchen Towels in Wire Baskets

If you run of out of space in the kitchen cabinets, you can keep the dish towels and other kitchen linens in a wire basket. Display this wire basket in any open shelf in the kitchen. 

Wire basket to store kitchen towels
Source: Reed Davis

9. Keep Kitchen Towels in Under the Sink Cabinet 

Under the sink area, if used smartly, can turn out to be a very beneficial spot of your kitchen. You can store dish towels in the under sink cabinet. Either install a tension rod or hooks to hang the towels or simply fold the dishtowels in a basket and put it inside the cabinet. This storage solution will allow all the dish towels on hand yet hidden. 

10. Maintain a Dish Towel Drawer

Designate a drawer or two, depending on the number of kitchen linen you own, specifically for storing kitchen towels. For this purpose, you can use drawer dividers or organizers to keep your kitchen towel drawer organized. Leanne, from Organize and Decorate Everything, shared a detailed step-by-step guide on organized dish towel drawer

An organized kitchen drawer for kitchen towels and dish cloths
Source: Organize and Decorate Everything

Key Takeaways 

In conclusion, the organization and management of kitchen towels might seem like a small detail, but it can greatly influence the efficiency and aesthetics of your kitchen space. By considering the size, quantity, and storage methods that best suit your personal needs and kitchen layout, you can ensure a tidy, functional environment. Whether you’re folding, storing, or using your towels, remember that the best system is the one that feels intuitive and makes your daily routines smoother. Embrace the art of kitchen organization and let it enhance your culinary space!

Kitchen Towel Organization Ideas – FAQS

What is the best way to organize kitchen towels?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to organizing kitchen towels. The best method is one that caters to your personal needs, the layout of your kitchen, and your aesthetic preferences. What might be efficient and visually pleasing for one person might not work for another. Consider factors like the frequency of towel use, available storage space, and how often you rotate towels. Experiment with a few methods, see what feels right, and remember that your organization strategy can evolve as your needs change. The key is to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics that resonates with your daily kitchen routine.

Q: What are some creative ways to store kitchen towels?

A: There are plenty of creative ways to store kitchen towels. You can use a towel rack, a towel holder, a caddy, a bin, a basket, or even a decorative stool.

Q: How can I organize my kitchen towels?

A: There are several ways to organize your kitchen towels. You can fold them neatly and place them in a drawer or cabinet. You can also hang them on a towel rack or towel holder. Another option is to roll them up and place them in a bin or basket.

Q: What is a good way to store hand towels in a small kitchen?

A: If you have limited space in your kitchen, a great way to store hand towels is to hang them on a towel rack or towel holder. You can also fold them and place them in a bin or basket that fits in a tight space.

Q: How can I make sure my kitchen towels stay clean and tidy?

A: To keep your kitchen towels clean and tidy, make sure to wash them regularly. You can also designate specific towels for specific tasks, such as drying dishes or wiping countertops. Additionally, you can use a decorative caddy or basket to keep your towels organized.

Q: What are some space-saving solutions for towel storage in the kitchen?

A: Some space-saving solutions for towel storage in the kitchen include using a towel rack that can be mounted on the wall or the inside of a cabinet door. You can also use hooks or a towel holder that can be attached to the side of a cabinet or an under-the-sink storage area.

Q: Can I use a decorative tea towel for everyday use in the kitchen?

A: Yes, you can definitely use a decorative tea towel for everyday use in the kitchen. These towels are not only stylish but also functional. They are great for drying dishes or wiping spills.

Q: How can I store my kitchen towels in a decorative way?

A: If you want to store your kitchen towels in a decorative way, you can hang them on decorative towel racks or towel holders. You can also roll them up and place them in a decorative basket or display them on a decorative stool.

Q: What can I do with old, frayed kitchen towels?

A: Instead of throwing away old, frayed kitchen towels, you can repurpose them. You can use them as cleaning rags, hot pads, or even as covers for outdoor plant pots. Their soft fabric can also be used to make reusable napkins.

Q: How can I store my kitchen towels within reach while I’m cooking?

A: To ensure that your kitchen towels are within reach while you’re cooking, hang a towel rack or towel holder near your cooking area. You can also use hooks or hang them on the handle of your oven or refrigerator.

Q: What are some ways to store kitchen towels in unused dead spaces?

A: If you have unused dead spaces in your kitchen, you can utilize them for towel storage. For example, you can install towel racks or towel holders on the side of cabinets or on the inside of doors. You can also hang towels on hooks or place them in woven baskets on top of cabinets.

How do you fold and organize kitchen towels?

Folding and organizing kitchen towels begins with smoothing them out and folding them into halves or thirds lengthwise. Once flattened and straightened, fold them into thirds again or roll them, depending on your storage method. Store them vertically in a drawer or stacked in a designated cabinet or basket. This method keeps them easily accessible and maximizes storage space.

Where do you store extra kitchen towels?

Extra kitchen towels can be stored in a kitchen drawer, linen closet, or a designated cabinet. If you have open shelving, you can roll the towels and place them in a decorative basket or bin. It’s best to store them in a dry place, away from any sources of moisture, to prevent mildew.

How can I hide my towels in my kitchen?

To hide kitchen towels:

  1. Inside Cabinets or Drawers: Utilize the inside of cabinet doors or deep drawers for towel storage.
  2. Decorative Baskets: Store towels in baskets that can be tucked under a counter or on a shelf.
  3. Behind Appliance: Place towels behind countertop appliances like coffee machines or microwaves.
  4. Mounted Racks or Hooks: Install these inside pantry doors or under the sink, so towels are hidden from direct view.

What is the best tea towel size?

The standard size for a tea towel is approximately 18 x 28 inches (45 x 70 cm). However, sizes can vary slightly based on the manufacturer and intended use. This size is considered ideal as it’s large enough for drying dishes but not so bulky that it’s cumbersome.

How many kitchen towels do I need?

The number of kitchen towels you need depends on your household size, cooking habits, and how often you do laundry. On average, for a household of 2-4 members, having 7-10 kitchen towels allows for a fresh one every day or every other day, with a few extras for bigger cooking or cleaning days. If you do laundry less frequently or entertain guests often, you may want to have a few more on hand.

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