19 Innovative Under Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

We are all aware that living in a tiny place can make organization challenging. But for some reason, the kitchen organization and to keep in order seems to be one of the most difficult household tasks. We do so many activities at the kitchen sink, including cooking, washing dishes and cleaning up spills or messes from lunchtime munchies, that it is frequently where the most disorder occurs. Kitchen sink organization might be challenging because the cabinets underneath are frequently stocked with cleansers and other materials.  In my perspective, organizing the area under the kitchen sink is frequently disregarded, despite its importance. It tends to serve as a storage space for various cleaning supplies and essential kitchen items. Nonetheless, due to the assortment of shapes and sizes these items come in, it often becomes a pile of clutter. Additionally, it’s all too easy to haphazardly throw miscellaneous items without a designated place under the kitchen sink and promptly forget about them. Fortunately, maintaining cleanliness and order in this space is not as daunting as it may appear. In today’s blog post, I will be sharing practical kitchen sink organization ideas or storage ideas that can assist you in making the most of the under the sink area of your kitchen.

1. Prioritize frequently used items

Considering that you primarily use the kitchen sink for activities like handwashing or dish washing, it’s essential to keep your dish-washing essentials conveniently accessible. Place items such as detergent, gloves, and scouring pads near the front of the cabinet. Less frequently used supplies can be organized using shelve risers, bins, or a lazy Susan at the back. Utilize a towel rack inside the cabinet door and adhesive hooks to hang a bottle brush nearby, ensuring everything is within reach.
Under the sink organization
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2. Reuse organizers from different rooms

If you want to organize your under kitchen sink cabinet, it’s not necessary to buy fancy organizers. Luckily, there are numerous ways to utilize storage supplies you already own under the kitchen sink. For instance, a container designed for wine bottles or travel mugs can perfectly hold a roll of garbage bags. Shelf risers previously used for plates and bowls can be employed to maximize vertical space and double the storage capacity. Additionally, an airtight container from the pantry can securely store dishwasher pods or powder detergent.
Under kitchen sink organizers
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3. Maximize counter space

Remember that paper towels don’t have to take up valuable kitchen countertop space. Especially in smaller kitchens, create an area at the front of the under-sink cabinet for a paper towel holder, making it easily accessible. Use the remaining space efficiently by incorporating a sliding double-decker organizer for cleaning supplies and a holder for plastic or garbage bags.

4. Utilize cabinet door space

Don’t overlook the potential storage space on the inside of cabinet doors. Hang a single or two-tiered organizer over the kitchen sink cabinet for quick access to frequently used items while doing the dishes. Lightweight items like gloves, sponges, cloths, and scrubbing brushes can be neatly stored in the organizer instead of getting lost at the back of the cabinet. If you prefer a clean look when the cabinet is closed, opt for a door organizer that can be mounted on the inside.
cabinet door organizer
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5. Stack drawers

To maximize vertical storage in the limited space under the sink, stack clear drawers for storing items such as dishwasher pods, dish towels, trash bags, and sponges. Another practical idea is to use a portable caddy for cleaning products. Simply lift it by the handle and carry it wherever you need to clean.

6. Install hooks

Repurpose shower hooks for hanging gloves, brushes, and lightweight cleaning essentials on the cabinet doors, especially if you use a rod for added convenience.

7. Message board

Add a small message board under the sink as a creative way to keep track of kitchen and bathroom essentials. Whenever you notice you’re running low on items typically stored under the sink, write them on the board as a reminder to restock during your next shopping trip.

8. Enhance lighting

Insufficient lighting can make it challenging to locate items under the kitchen sink, exacerbating the issue of disorganization. To address this, I suggest installing affordable motion sensor lights in small or dimly lit areas. This solution works wonders even for the cabinet beneath your sink. Battery-operated or rechargeable adhesive LED touch- or motion-lights are available, some even equipped with a remote for adjusting brightness. Initially, illuminating this space might seem trivial, but you’ll be grateful when you can easily find your favorite backup bottle of hand soap.

9. Lazy Susan

Utilize Lazy Susans to store a variety of items in a compact space. Opt for a clear divided turntable that allows you to see the products easily and consider adding labels for better organization.
Lazy Susan for under the sink cabinet
Source: Learn along with me

10. Stacking plastic bins

If you have a large enough space under the sink, stacking plastic bins can be an effective solution. Ensure they are stackable and consider adding labels to the front for easy identification of the contents.
stacking plastic containers for under kitchen sink organization
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11. Install tension rod under the sink

When space is limited, a tension rod can be a lifesaver. It provides a convenient spot to hang household cleaners that come in spray bottles.
Tension rod in an under the sink cabinet
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12. Pull-out drawers for under kitchen sink

Avoid the hassle of searching through a crowded cabinet by installing pull-out drawers. This allows for easy access to your belongings and keeps everything neatly organized.
Pull-out drawers
Source: House Beautiful

13. Acrylic containers and drawers

Abby at Just A Girl And her Blog shared another cool hack to organize the under kitchen sink space. She has used acrylic drawers and storage containers in the under sink area to keep everything in place and well-organized.
Acrylic storage baskets kept under the sink
Source: HGTV

14. Keep dish towels under the sink

To ensure convenience and cleanliness, it’s advisable to keep dish towels or wash rags within easy reach of your kitchen sink. Rather than leaving them to dry over the edge of the sink, a better option is to hang them on the side of a cabinet. Installing two hooks allows you to separate towels based on their purpose, whether for drying dishes or drying your hands. This way, you can maintain a tidy and efficient setup in your kitchen.

15. Simplify maintenance with shelf liners

To streamline cleaning and maintenance, consider using shelf liners. These protective liners offer a simple solution for dealing with spills and stains. With just a quick wipe, any messes can be easily removed. Furthermore, shelf liners come in a variety of attractive patterns and colors, allowing you to add a touch of style to your under-sink area while keeping it neat and tidy.

16. Ensure organization with labels

To maintain a well-organized space, it’s essential to label each shelf, bottle, or storage container. By clearly marking the contents of each item or designated area, you can easily identify and locate what you need without having to search around. Labels contribute to a systematic and efficient under-sink organization, ensuring that everything is kept in its proper place.
organzied under sink area
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17. Safety measures for storing chemicals under the sink

Most cleaning supplies are toxic and may be hazardous if ingested. If you store cleaning supplies and chemicals under the kitchen sink, then you need to make sure that these supplies stay away from the reach of children. In that case, you will have to be extra cautious and try to store them towards the back so that they are far from the reach of kids or pets.

18. Pull-out trash can

A pull-out trash can is a highly practical addition to any kitchen. It can be conveniently installed in the under-sink area, keeping it out of sight and effectively concealing the clutter. The glider mechanism enables the trash can to smoothly slide out whenever needed. This setup offers several benefits. For instance, when disposing of sticky or messy items, any potential spills or residue will be contained within the trash can itself, preventing them from creating a mess underneath the sink. Additionally, should anything accidentally fall onto the kitchen floor, it can be easily cleaned up with a quick wipe. Overall, a pull-out trash can enhances cleanliness and functionality in the kitchen space.
pull-out trash can for kitchen
Source: The Home Depot

19. Eco-friendly organization

Like every other part of your home, it is better to go for bio-degradable or Eco-friendly organizers for your under sink space to achieve sustainability.

Key Takeaways

This article provides practical tips to organize the space under the kitchen sink, which often becomes cluttered with various items. Suggestions include prioritizing frequently used items, reusing organizers from other rooms, maximizing counter space, and using door space. The article also suggests stacking drawers, installing hooks, using a message board, enhancing lighting, employing Lazy Susans, stacking plastic bins, and installing tension rods or pull-out drawers. Other ideas include using acrylic drawers, storing kitchen towels under the sink, and simplifying maintenance with shelf liners. Additionally, labeling is suggested for maintaining a well-organized under-sink area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some ways to organize the under kitchen sink area?

Suggestions include prioritizing frequently used items, reusing organizers, maximizing counter space, using door space, stacking drawers, installing hooks, and using a message board.

How can I enhance lighting under my kitchen sink?

Install affordable motion sensor lights in dimly lit areas. Battery-operated or rechargeable adhesive LED lights are a good option.

How can I maximize the vertical space under the kitchen sink?

Use stackable drawers, install a tension rod, or add pull-out drawers to make the most of vertical space.

How can I simplify maintenance under the sink?

Use shelf liners to deal with spills and stains easily, and label each item for easy identification and access.

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