18 Brilliant Tips to Organize a Kitchen Island

If you are like me, who loves cooking, you would spend a good amount of time in the kitchen. For an enjoyable cooking experience, your kitchen must remain neat and organized so you don’t have to spend hours searching for a single ingredient. However, an organized kitchen needs a little effort and creativity. You need to fully utilize every kitchen corner to maximize the space. Most homeowners usually ignore areas such as under-sink cabinets and kitchen center. However, if you utilize these spaces smartly, you will be able to have the maximum space in your kitchen. In this article, I will discuss how you can organize your kitchen island with little to no effort. So, keep reading! The kitchen center is one of the most appealing features in modern kitchens that add a beautiful element to the kitchen and a central workspace. There is so much that you can do with a kitchen center to make it more spacious; let me show you how:

1. Start with a clean slate

The first step in kitchen island storage ideas is to start with a clean slate. Clear everything off the island, including appliances, dishes, and clutter. This will allow you to see the space clearly and assess what you have to work with.

2. Determine Your Needs

Once you have a clear view of your island, it’s time to assess your needs. What do you use your kitchen center for? Do you need extra counter space for meal prep? Do you need additional storage solution for kitchen tools and appliances? Do you want to use your island as a seating area for family and guests? Once you have identified your needs, you can start planning how to organize your island to meet those needs best.

3. Don’t over hoard

Over-hoarding always creates a mess, leading to a cluttered kitchen. Only keep those items in your kitchen center that you need and use. Be very realistic when it comes to purchasing any kitchen item. If you have some fancy kitchen appliances that you hardly use in years, then there is no need to keep them.

4. Design your kitchen island according to your needs

It would help if you considered which storage and organizing system works best for you and your needs. So that you can design and customize your kitchen center accordingly. Take some time to think and plan what you want to keep inside your kitchen center cabinets. Only then will you be able to decide which storage ideas you should consider. For instance, depending on your requirements, you can either go for deep shelving or pull-out drawers.

5. Install racks on both sides to increase storage

To maximize the storage space offered by the kitchen center, you can install racks on with side of it. You can keep cookbooks, platters or cutting boards on this rack. This storage area will also enhance your kitchen’s overall vibe and texture.
how to organize kitchen island - book rack on a kitchen island to store cook books
Source: Life Kitchens

6. Keep the countertops uncluttered

Cluttered surfaces always give an untidy impression. Keeping the kitchen countertop organized is necessary, and you can do this by keeping it clean. Wipe down the surface regularly to prevent crumbs and spills from building up. Be sure to clean any appliances and utensils you use on the island. Keep your countertop space clear of additional clutter as much as possible. Suppose your kitchen center contains a breakfast spot or a coffee station. In that case, ensure that it is free of clutter so that people can use it as a workspace or to sit down and enjoy a meal.

7. Incorporate open shelving

The out-of-sight, out-of-mind technique does not apply to everyone. Many of us would like an appealing display of their favorite kitchenware. Open shelving in the kitchen center might be the perfect idea for a well-organized kitchen while keeping it aesthetically beautiful. A little collection of well-chosen trinkets on display provides an island with a cosy feel and charm.
open shelving in kitchen island
Source: Nathan Schroder

8. Install built-in kitchen appliances

Organizing kitchen appliances might be tricky at times. You can install kitchen appliances under the countertop if you have a small kitchen with an island. This will keep your kitchen organized by providing extra storage. Thus, you can install a dishwasher or microwave oven underneath the kitchen center. Also, if you want to conceal the appliances, install a cabinet door for a more tidy look.
kitchen appliance (microwave oven) embedded in kitchen island
Source: Werner Strube

9. Make it look good aesthetically

The kitchen island is usually your kitchen’s focal point, so it has to give a welcoming view. Place huge plants or ornamental items on the island’s center for aesthetic appeal. At least 1 or 2 ornamental items, such as a plant, a flower pot, or perhaps even a souvenir, should be present to anchor the area.

10. Cutlery cabinets and drawers

This is one of my favorite hack to use the maximum space out of kitchen counter. Having a cutlery container under your kitchen island can be a great way to keep your kitchen organized and functional. A cutlery container can be a convenient place to store all your knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils like can openers and vegetable peelers.

11. Pull-out deep drawers under the kitchen center 

Build pull-out deep drawer storage beneath your island countertop instead of a cabinet to quickly access your belongings. You can keep the bulkier kitchen items in these deep drawers, such as pans and pots. To save more space, stack the pots so that the smaller ones are kept inside the biggest ones.
Under the counter drawer for pots and pans
Source: Harvey Jones

12. Pull-out spice drawer

Another great idea to fully utilize the space offered by the kitchen island is to install a pull-out spice rack underneath it. Keep your cooking staples like herbs, spices, and other ingredients in a pull-out pantry under the counter for convenient and quick access. After a long day of cooking, pull-out drawers are a terrific way to organize and create a clean design.
pull-out spice rack under the stove
Source: Edward Gohlich

13. Store your cleaning essentials

Get a cabinet door fixed under the kitchen counter and use it to store all your cleaning tools and essentials. These units can be constructed specifically to match your needs and be the right size to house your cleaning supplies.

14. Use Containers and Organizers

Using containers and organizers can be a great way to keep your kitchen center organized. For example, use a utensil holder to keep your cooking utensils in one place or a canister set to organize your baking ingredients. You can also use drawer dividers to keep your utensils and other kitchen tools organized or use trays and baskets to corral items like spices, oils, and condiments.

15. Storing Baking Essentials in Cabinetry

If you enjoy baking, consider storing your baking essentials on your kitchen island. This can be a great way to keep everything you need within easy reach while baking. To do this, you can install drawers or cabinets with pull-out shelves to hold items like mixing bowls, measuring cups and spoons, and baking sheets. Use wire baskets or plastic containers to keep items like baking powder, baking soda, and spices organized and easily accessible.

I6. Integrate Side Shelves

Another way to maximize storage space in your kitchen island is to integrate side shelves. Side shelves can be a great place to store items like cookbooks, small appliances, and decorative items. To install side shelves, you can use brackets to attach them to the side of your kitchen center. You can also use floating shelves to create a more modern and streamlined look.

17. Add a Book Shelf or Wine Rack

Suppose you’re an avid reader or enjoy collecting cookbooks. Adding a bookshelf or wine rack to your kitchen island can be a great way to display your collection while adding a personality to your kitchen. To add a bookshelf, you can install floating shelves or use brackets to attach a shelf to the side of your kitchen center. You can add decorative elements like bookends or vases to create a more cohesive look.
book shelf in kitchen island
Source: Harvey Jones

18. Hang Shelves Above the Island

Another way to maximize storage capacity your kitchen is to hang shelves above your kitchen island. This can be a great place to store items like plates, glasses, and serving dishes. To install shelves above your island, you can use brackets or a hanging system to suspend the shelves from the ceiling. You can also add lighting to your shelves to create a warm and inviting ambience. Organizing your kitchen island can help make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable. By starting with a clean slate, assessing your needs, dividing your island into zones, using containers and organizers, maximizing storage capacity, and keeping everything clean, you can create a kitchen center that is both beautiful and practical. Incorporating these tips and strategies into your kitchen center organization allows you to create a functional and stylish space tailored to your needs and preferences.


Q: What are some tips to maximize storage space in a kitchen island?

A: You can maximize storage capacity in a kitchen center by adding drawers, open shelving, or installing cabinets with pull-out racks. These solutions can help organize your kitchen island and keep items neatly tucked away.

Q: How can I add storage to my kitchen island?

A: You can add storage to your kitchen center by incorporating open shelves, installing a wine rack, or using hanging hooks for utensils. These additions can help maximize storage opportunities and keep your kitchen organized.

Q: What are some creative storage solutions for a kitchen island?

A: Creative storage solutions for a kitchen center include incorporating built-in spice racks, hanging wire baskets for fruits and vegetables, or utilizing the space underneath the island for hidden storage. These ideas will transform your kitchen island into a functional and organized space.

Q: How can I declutter and organize a kitchen island with limited space?

A: To declutter and set up a kitchen center with limited space, consider using risers for pots and pans, installing a pegboard for hanging kitchen tools, or utilizing stackable containers to maximize storage. These tips will help you make the most of your kitchen island’s storage potential.

Q: What are some ways to tidy up a kitchen island effectively?

A: You can tidy up a kitchen center  effectively by designating specific areas for frequently used items, using drawer dividers to keep utensils and tools organized, or implementing a tray or caddy to corral smaller items. These methods will help keep your kitchen island clutter-free.

Q: How can I create a functional storage solution for a kitchen island?

A: To create a functional storage solution for a kitchen island, consider incorporating a combination of drawers, shelves, and cabinets, using stackable storage containers for pantry items, or adding a pull-out cutting board for additional prep space. These ideas will make your kitchen center  a highly efficient storage space.

Q: What are some tips for organizing kitchen island drawers?

A: When organizing kitchen island drawers, consider using drawer organizers for utensils, adding dividers for separating different types of items, or using small containers to keep loose items contained. These methods will help you keep your kitchen island drawers neat and organized.

Q: How can I make the most of the space on my kitchen island for storage?

A: To make the most of the space on your kitchen island for storage, consider using vertical space by installing hooks for cups or mugs, utilizing the ends of the island for storage baskets or containers, or adding a hanging pot rack above the island. These strategies will maximize your kitchen center ‘s storage potential.

Q: What are some ideas for adding storage to an open kitchen island?

A: Ideas for adding storage to an open kitchen center  include incorporating open shelves for displaying and storing items, using decorative baskets or bins to keep items organized, or installing a wine rack or glassware holder. These additions will enhance the storage options in your open kitchen center.

Q: How can I effectively set up a kitchen island to serve as a focal point of the kitchen?

A: To effectively set up a kitchen center  as a focal point of the kitchen, consider using stylish canisters for storing frequently used items, adding decorative hooks for hanging kitchen linens, or incorporating a small herb garden or fresh produce display. These ideas will help transform your kitchen center  into a visually appealing and functional element of your kitchen.

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