Sizzle and Store: 23 Spice Storage Ideas for Modern Kitchens!

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One thing is common to all kitchens: a defined spot for spices (yes, even if that spot is just carelessly tucked within a cupboard). With their practicality and being less time consuming, my spice storage ideas will make the ingredients appear beautiful and make this notoriously messy kitchen easy to handle. An orderly spice rack idea that saves you from worrying about where the black pepper powder is or why you have two cans of cayenne will pay off handsomely with a small amount of labor. 

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23 Clever Spice Storage Ideas for Modern Kitchens

I will share some stylish spice storage hacks in this blog post. These ideas will help you keep your kitchen storage in order and aesthetically pleasing. So. keep reading!

1. Utilize narrow spaces of your kitchen for spice storage

Some walls can only accommodate a shallow, slender cabinet. Although it may initially seem insignificant, this is a lovely, hidden method to arrange spices and other standard cooking supplies like salt and oils. 

spice storage in narrow space of kitchen
Source: Neat Method

2. Best spice storage for kitchen counter 

Choose a multipurpose arrangement such as this wood spice rack that can be tucked away in a cabinet, hanging on the wall, or standing upright on the kitchen counter. The labels are straightforward to read because of their crisscross pattern. 

spice organizer for kitchen counter
Source: Crate & Barrel

3. Install a pull-out or slide-out spice rack

A pull-out spice rack is another fun way to organize spices in the least possible space. Its beautiful appearance demonstrates how ideal a pull-out cabinet is for storing spices; they fit neatly in confined kitchen spaces and allow you to readily see everything you own.

slide-out drawer for spices
Source: Kyle J. Caldwell

4. Plastic organizer for your spice collection

Once more, vertical storage wins! Jars on a deep shelf are elevated by this tiered plastic spice organizer. Every level has non-skid pads to prevent bottles from toppling over when you reach an item in the back of it.

Plastic spice rack
Source: Family Handyman

5. Store spices in test tubes for a change

You can store your spice collection in unique test tubes to give it a scientific look. 

spice organization hack in test tubes
Source: Jeff Herr Photography

6. Repurpose food containers to store your spices

Give any extra food storage containers you have after organizing them a second home rather than throwing them away. One environmentally friendly method to organize and address your storage issue is repurposing plastic containers, particularly if you purchase spices in large quantities. Store the remaining spices until you’re about to restock. Pour spices into smaller jars and store them in a convenient location. 

food containers for storing spices and condiments
Source: Jean Allsopp

 7. Why not go for an upper spice cabinet?

Pull-out spice cabinets aren’t just for lower kitchen cabinets; you can also use them in your upper cabinets. Neat By Meg’s space-saving design gives a small utility and storage area. However, it would help if you kept the least-used spices at the top of this cabinet. Otherwise, you would have to use a step stool whenever you need to grab the required spice jar. 

upper cabinet for storing spices
Source: Neat by Meg

8. Label all spices

Labeling makes the organization so easy and fun. As soon as you get the spice bottles, you may attach the stickers to them by purchasing pre-written labels or creating your own online. 

You can also go for hand-written labels. Once all spice jars are labeled, you can organize them alphabetically, making it easy to find a specific herb or condiment. 

labeled spice jars
Source: Etsy

9. Go with open shelving for organizing spices

It would help to use open shelving to showcase your spices when they are this well-organized. Uniform jars that complement the kitchen’s design are essential for a spice system like this one to look its best. I adore how the rails on this shelving itself complement these jar tops. 

open shelving as spice storage solution
Source: helenaparisis.organiser

10. Magnetic spice jars

These creative containers put your brightest spices front and center, whether you mount them on a metal plate or on your fridge. Fitting together like honeycombs, the space-saving hexagonal forms prevent jars from drifting out of place thanks to powerful magnets. 

magnetic spice jars
Source: Etsy

11. Store the spices in lazy Susan

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must know that I always insist on using lazy Susans for organizing your stuff. When you organize your cooking oils and spices on revolving racks or lazy susans, you won’t have to waste time looking for the one spice your recipe calls for. Since most rotating racks aren’t big enough to hold all your spices, sorting them according to type is also brilliant.

Lazy Susans for storing spices
Source: Neat by Meg

12. U-shaped spice storage solution

Installing a U-shaped, tiered rack in your kitchen cabinet will ensure you never again misplace your spices. The U-shaped shelves allow you to keep spices with their tags facing the front, making finding your favorite garlic powder easier than before. Do you wish to maximize this configuration? Sort your spices according to hue to create the most tranquil environment.

u-shaped spice organizer
Source: Amazon

13. Hanging spice storage – a fun way to store spices 

Another fun and unconventional way to store spices in your kitchen is to hang them on a curtain rod. For this, repurpose a small window treatment rod and curtain clips. Spices can be kept dry and cool by mounting to the back of a pantry door.

hanging spice organizer
Source: Amazon

14. Floating shelves as spice storage rack

Consider an assortment of floating shelves in place of a conventional spice rack. Just remember to buy some eye-catching crystal spice jars to finish the effect. 

floating shelves for storing spices
Source: Food52

15. Rotating spice rack

Organize your regular seasonings into a revolving rack to quickly locate what you need. This little 16-jar spice rack has stylish glass jars in the style of bulbs that look super adorable to display. 

rotating spice organizer

16. Three or four-tier spice rack

What aspect of preserving spices is the most annoying? Not being able to locate what you require when you require it. When it’s time to cook, this three-tier metal spice rack comes to eye level and stores neatly within a cabinet. Put it inside a cabinet to make spice-seeking simple.

three-tiered spice rack
Source: Amazon

17. Magnetic spice rack organizer

This attractive and valuable magnetic spice board is perfect for cooks who prefer to have their ingredients nearby. Use a magnetic board and spice jars to recreate the effect, or place your favorite blend of spices on your metallic range hood or refrigerator. This efficient method gives your kitchen’s design a pop of vibrant hues and a contemporary flair.

magnetic spice rack organizer for storing spices
Source: Ikea

18. Use shelf risers for storing spices

To maximize the space and ease the access of required items, you can use shelf risers to organize and store spices in your kitchen. Shelf risers enable you to see the spice jars lying at the back of the shelf.

clever spice storage idea using shelf risers
Source: Neat Method

19. Organize spices on the cabinet door

You can also store spices on the back of the cabinet door to save space. The cabinet door is ideal for spice storage as it takes less space and is hidden. 

spice rack for cabinet door
Source: mDesign

20. Wall-mounted spice organizer

There are many options available in the market for wall-mounted spice organizers. You can go for any design and color that compliments your kitchen decor

wall-mounted spice organization hack
Source: Kamenstein

21. Designate a drawer for all your spices

Consider including a custom spice rack in your dream kitchen design if you can start from scratch. This one has drawer inserts to keep the spices organized, but it has plenty of space for many other possibilities.

spice drawer
Source: Tomas Espinoza

22. Utilize pop-top containers in spice drawers

These may be essential pantry items, but other spices would benefit significantly from this well-organized approach. Everything is kept fresh in pop-top containers, so you don’t have to take out the entire canister if you only need a tablespoon. 

pop top spice containers
Source: thehomesihavemade

23. Organize the back of the kitchen door

If you value efficient use of space or have a small kitchen, consider adding a lovely spice rack to the inside of a cabinet or the back of a door. This handcrafted rack conveniently mounts to a pantry door. 

Source: vintage.victorialouise

Alright, let’s keep it real: We all know the chaos of rummaging through a messy spice cabinet, right? With these 23 cool spice storage ideas, you’ll not only find your paprika faster but also give your kitchen a major style upgrade. Think of it as giving your spices their own trendy home. So, whether you’re a seasoned chef or just love a neat kitchen, these tips are for you. After all, a happy kitchen means a happy chef, and that’s what it’s all about!

Spice Organization Ideas – FAQs

Q: What is the best way to organize spices in a kitchen pantry?

A: One of the best ways to organize spices in a kitchen pantry is to use a tiered drawer insert. This allows you to easily see and access all of your spices at once.

Q: How can I store spices in a way that keeps them fresh?

A: To keep your spices fresh, it is important to store them in airtight containers with lids. Glass spice jars are a great option for this as they do not retain any flavors or odors.

Q: How can I quickly find the spice I need in my kitchen?

A: To quickly find the spice you need in your kitchen, consider using a drawer organizer. This will allow you to easily see and grab what you need without rummaging through a cluttered drawer.

Q: Can you recommend any wall spice rack ideas for better kitchen organization?

A: Wall spice racks are a great way to save on storage space and keep your spices organized. You can find wall spice racks in various styles and sizes to fit your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Q: Can you recommend any organizing ideas for a small kitchen with limited storage space?

A: If you have a small kitchen with limited storage space, consider using a wall-mounted spice rack. This will free up valuable counter and drawer space while still keeping your spices within reach.

Q: What are some creative spice storage ideas for modern kitchens?

A: You can consider a crate spice rack, DIY spice rack, drawer dividers, and lid organizers to make your spices look organized and add a touch of modern style to your kitchen.

Q: How can I ensure easy access to my spices in the kitchen?

A: By using drawer inserts and organizers, you can keep your spices in an organized manner, making it easier to find what you need without rummaging through your cabinets or drawers.

Q: What are the benefits of using glass spice jars for storage?

A: Glass spice jars not only keep your spices fresh but also provide a visually appealing way to display your spices, making it easy to identify and access them when cooking.

Q: What should I consider when choosing a spice storage solution for awkward spaces in my kitchen?

A: Look for drawer organizers and racks that can fit into awkward spaces, ensuring that you can make the most of every area in your kitchen for spice storage.

Q: Are there any recommendations for storing spices in bulk?

A: You can use tiered racks or drawer dividers to store spices in bulk while keeping them organized and easily accessible whenever you need them for cooking.

Q: How can I keep my spices fresh and easily accessible in my kitchen drawers?

A: Consider using drawer inserts, glass spice jars, and lid organizers to organize your spices, keeping them fresh and front and center for quick access.

Q: Are there any suggestions for making my spices stand out in my kitchen?

A: You can use a crate spice rack or DIY spice rack to display your spices in a visually appealing manner, adding a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen space.

Q: What are some creative ways to find what I need among many spice options in my kitchen?

A: Using drawer organizers and front and center storage solutions can help you easily find the type of spice you need without any hassle, making your cooking experience more efficient.

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