How to Organize a Small Kitchen – 12 Mind-Blowing Tips

The kitchen is part of the home where you spend quite some time daily, whether you are a stay-at-home mommy or the working one. Keeping this space tidy and organized might become challenging, especially if you have a small kitchen. Considering the significance of this problem, I decided to create a blog post about how to organize a small kitchen where you can learn the most straightforward tips and hacks to learn kitchen organization

how to organize a small kitchen

Practical Tips on How to Organize a Small Kitchen

A small kitchen might be tricky because you must manage everything in a small space. However, with some creativity, you can develop many excellent space-saving solutions. In this blog post, I will share organizing tips that will help provide extra storage space to your kitchen without making it look cluttered. So, keep reading, folks!

1. Keep rarely used items away

Everyone has some cookware or kitchen appliances that we use on an occasional basis. It’s a great idea to keep those kitchen items in a place you access, such as upper corner kitchen cabinets. This little tip will save up storage space, and you can utilize it for daily use items. 

2. Get a rolling kitchen cart for your small kitchen

Having a rolling cart will keep your kitchen essentials handy, and at the same time, you can stroll it away in the pantry when not in use. Also, you can keep the rolling cart in the dining room and have condiments and sauces stored in it. This way, you will be able to free up some space in the kitchen, which you can use for other purposes. 

Rolling kitchen cart storing kitchen essentials
Source: The Home Depot

3. Utilize kitchen door space

When organizing a small kitchen, you should use every inch of the available space, and what’s a better way to do it than to utilize the kitchen and pantry door space? Invest in some sturdy door organizers to keep everyday kitchen ingredients. You can install hanging racks to keep lightweight kitchen essentials, such as aprons, kitchen towels, etc. 

4. Keep the countertop clean

For a small kitchen to look tidy, it’s essential to follow the ‘the less, the better’ rule. So, to achieve an organized kitchen look, keep the kitchen countertop neat and clutter-free. By keeping the countertop neat and clean, you can create more cooking space and a kitchen that is easy to maintain. Only save the appliances you use daily on display; store everything else away. Keeping the necessities on the counter will also make your daily cooking hassle-free. Another quick tip to free up space is to keep the food storage containers and other jars on a beautiful tray. This will also add an aesthetic element to your kitchen counter. 

an organized kitchen countertop

5. Get a lazy Susan

If you are my regular reader, you must know that I talk about lazy Susans and their significance in every blog post. This is right because they are helpful organizers for every corner of your home, whether the kitchen or washroom. Lazy Susan can hold a large number of essentials while providing easy access. Keep the lazy Susan on your kitchen island or even in the pantry cabinet to store a maximum number of kitchen essentials in the least space. You can keep your kitchen cleaning products in a lazy Susan and put them under the kitchen sink. 

Lazy Susan having kitchen items
Source: Apartment Therapy

6. Utilize under the sink cabinet

Under the sink kitchen cabinet is a space usually ignored by most of us. However, using the space underneath your kitchen sink smartly, you can free up much kitchen space. Apart from storing cleaning essentials, as discussed above, you can also keep small appliances and other kitchen tools there. Invest in some good under-sink organizers to maximize the space of your tiny kitchen. 

7. Install a pullout pantry

An intelligent approach to keep your small kitchen tidy is with pullout cabinets. They give you simple access to what is hidden in the rear and the ability to grasp stuff from both sides. 

8. Space above kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen layout offers space above the kitchen cabinets, you should utilize them too. This way, you can store rarely used heavy items up there. For instance, you can keep big pots and pans or the dinnerware you utilize at parties only. 

9. Install a wall-mounted organizer

Utilizing every inch of the available space is the key to organizing a small kitchen. Another way to manage the space in a small kitchen is to use the walls. For this purpose, you can go for hanging wall organizers or racks. These racks will surely add up to the existing space. This kitchen storage solution is a great idea for a small kitchen without a pantry, as you can store a good number of pantry items in those racks.

10. Utilize vertical space smartly

When working with a small space, it is significant to remember the vertical space too. Vertical storage is far more efficient than horizontal storage in tiny kitchens. Additionally, you are more likely to fit larger-sized objects in because it makes them much easier to access. See what storage solution works best for you. You can use shelf risers to maximize the shelf space. 

an organized kitchen cabinet

11. Cookbooks on display

Try keeping cookbooks or other goods that typically go in a cabinet on the countertop if you have additional counter area but insufficient cupboard space. However, keep it minimal to avoid the cluttered counter look.

Cookbooks placed on a countertop
Source: DecorPad

12. Keep the trash out of sight

The kitchen’s trash cans get filled like anything, so it is better to get rid of the trash as soon as possible. If you purchase anything that comes in extra packing, such as cardboard or plastic, throw the additional wrapping away immediately. Also, if you need to free up some space, consider replacing your bulky garbage can with a more streamlined, compact model.  

I hope you liked these small kitchen organization ideas and would love to share it with your friends. Keep following our blog to read more about kitchen organization and cleaning.

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How can I maximize the storage space in my small kitchen?

To maximize storage space, utilize vertical space by installing shelves or hanging organizers. Opt for stackable containers and utilize the insides of cabinet doors for additional storage. Consider investing in space-saving kitchen gadgets and appliances.

What are some effective ways to declutter a small kitchen?

Start by decluttering your kitchen and getting rid of unused or duplicate items. Utilize storage solutions such as drawer dividers, baskets, and organizers to keep things tidy. Prioritize functionality and keep only essential items within easy reach.

How can I make the most of limited countertop space?

To make the most of limited countertop space, keep it clear of unnecessary items. Use wall-mounted or hanging storage options for utensils, spices, and frequently used items. Consider installing a magnetic knife strip or using hooks to hang cooking tools.

What are some tips for organizing a small pantry?

Begin by categorizing and grouping similar items together. Utilize clear containers and labels for better visibility. Consider using risers or tiered shelves to maximize vertical space. Regularly review and rotate food items to avoid waste.

How can I effectively arrange my small kitchen cabinets?

Arrange your small kitchen cabinets by grouping similar items together. Utilize stackable containers and adjustable shelving to make the most of vertical space. Consider using drawer organizers or dividers to keep items organized and easily accessible.

What are some creative storage solutions for a small kitchen?

Get creative with storage solutions by utilizing the inside of cabinet doors for spice racks or hanging organizers. Install a pegboard on a wall to hang pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Utilize tension rods inside cabinets to create dividers for baking sheets or cutting boards.

How can I maintain an organized small kitchen in the long term?

Regularly declutter and reassess your kitchen items to avoid unnecessary accumulation. Develop a routine for cleaning and tidying up after each use. Assign specific places for each item and make sure to put things back in their designated spots to maintain organization.

Are there any tips for visually enlarging a small kitchen?

To visually enlarge a small kitchen, use light colors for walls and cabinets to create an open and airy feel. Utilize mirrors or glass-fronted cabinets to add depth. Remove unnecessary visual clutter and keep countertops clear to create a sense of spaciousness.

How can I optimize the functionality of my small kitchen?

Optimize the functionality of your small kitchen by ensuring that frequently used items are easily accessible. Use drawer dividers to keep utensils organized and within reach. Create designated zones for food preparation, cooking, and cleanup to streamline your workflow.

What should I do if I still need more space in my small kitchen?

If you need more space in your small kitchen, consider using multifunctional furniture, such as a kitchen cart with storage or a foldable dining table. Look for hidden storage opportunities, such as under-cabinet space or over-the-sink shelves. Consider decluttering further to make the most of the available space.

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