12 Effortless Hacks for Tupperware Organization

Having a tidy and well-maintained kitchen brings peace and joy. If you keep your kitchen utensils organized, there are very few chances that your kitchen will get cluttered because everything stays in its designated places. However, there is something that is very challenging to store and organize. I am talking about meal storage vessels or Tupperware

I can not imagine my life without Tupperware, and I consider it one of the most essential belongings in my kitchen. Storing leftovers, taking food to friends and family, office or school lunches, you name it, Tupperware is always there to rescue you. However, this practical kitchenware may become a massive clutter if not stored properly. In this blog post, I will share some smart ways to store and organize your Tupperware. So let’s dig in:

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1. Keep stacking

The quickest and easiest way to keep your food containers and lids is to stack them up over one another. Stacking keeps everything in its place. In addition, this produces an attractive arrangement, and you only need to grab one item to have the top and bottom prepared. 

2. Nest your plastic food containers

Make a stack, place the smaller food storage containers inside their bigger equivalents. Nesting reduces the volume of empty containers, frees up room in your cabinets. Additionally, it keeps the lid and body together, saving you from having to search through your drawers for a set of containers that match.

Easy way of how to organize Tupperware
Source: Real Homes

3. Store the container and the lid separately 

Another quick way to keep your containers mess-free is to store them separately from the lids. You can store lids vertically or horizontally; that’s up to you. However, keep the tops vertically rather than horizontally. You won’t have to sift through a disorganized pile to get the cover you need because each one will be plain to see.

4. Designate a drawer or two for the Tupperware

Another clever way to organize Tupperware is to designate a drawer or two. This way, you will know what is placed where. This hack will also keep your space clutter-free, as all the containers are hidden in the drawers, and the kitchen countertop stays neat. 

5. Use drawer dividers for better organization

Let’s not forget the importance of drawer dividers for organizing the drawers. Suppose you store Tupperware and meal storage vessels in a drawer. In that case, it’s good to utilize the drawer dividers to keep the lids and containers in place. 

Drawer dividers to store and organize Tupperware
Source: NEAT Method

6. Group and store similar containers together

Put your frequently used stuff in the front and your rare or seldom-used items in the back by trying to organize your belongings by using. From disorganized to organized, here is a Tupperware storage cabinet. 

7. Store Tupperware in pull-out drawers

Do you want to upgrade the way your Tupperware is stored? Using a stylish pull-out drawer, you may place an organizer straight into your cabinet. On the bottom, nest your meal storage vessels. Additionally, stack and organize different-sized lids using the top.

pull-out food storage container organizer
Source: Amazon

8. Get acrylic containers to store lids

You can also keep acrylic or glass containers in the kitchen drawers to have the benefits of compartment dividers in an appealing way. Use this acrylic jar as your lid arranger. You may place it on a shelf or drawer and organize your lids. Just tossing items into that container can cause it to become disorganized, so be careful quickly. Consider acquiring various food storage and labeling them according to the lid size if you have a lot of Tupperware. This helps you in maintaining order and cleanliness.

acrylic containers to store Tupperware lids
Source: Neat Method

9. Invest in a Tupperware lid organizer or a plate rack

A durable plate rack is helpful for much more than just storing plates. (I adore using one to organize my pot lids neatly!) To organize and separate your Tupperware lids, pick up a cheap plate rack and keep it in your kitchen cupboard. Moreover, you can also purchase a Tupperware lid arranger for this purpose.

food container lid organizer
Source: Amazon

According to Michelle from Practical Perfection, you may utilize an extra dish drying rack if you have one lying around, in case you want to save money and don’t want to buy a plasticware arranger. You can still organize your lids according to size while keeping them upright.

10. Store small Tupperware containers in a kitchen cart

A portable kitchen cart or trolley is another excellent way to keep and organize meal storage vessels. It can hold anything from glass jars with homemade pickles to plasticware and food storage containers. It is a contemporary mobile arranger that fits in even the smallest areas and is available in five distinct colors to match any kitchen space.

11. Get a turntable organizer or a Lazy Susan to store plasticware

When you need a food storage container, are you sick of digging around in the back of your cabinet? You may spin your way to a well-organized kitchen cabinet using a turntable arranger. You may spin the desired container size with a quick wrist flick, then spin it again to retrieve the lid.

Remember that most turntable arrangers are made to accommodate a certain line of food storage containers. As a result, you can only store plasticware sets from that brand or category.

12. Color coordinate the lids 

Put your plasticware in a rainbow-themed storage system. Pot lids or baking sheets can easily be organized using this peg system. Looking at your plastic food containers while using this arranger is thrilling. 

Tupperware in color coordinated arrangement
Source: NEAT Method

So how should plasticware be organized? It depends on you, your kitchen’s capacity, and the size of your plasticware collection. Occasionally, a single system is ideal. However, you might discover that using more than one results in an even more unique solution.

So pick what suits you best! And you’ll triumph over disorganized food storage containers once and for all.


Q: What are some effective hacks for organizing storage boxes?

A: One of the most effective hacks for plasticware organization is using stackable storage bins to keep storage boxes and tops neatly organized. You can also use tension rods in a cabinet or compartment to create dividers for different sizes of plastic containers.

Q: How can I maximize the storage area for my Tupperware?

A: To maximize storage area for plasticware, consider using a cabinet door or the inside of a cabinet door to hang storage boxes and tops. This can free up valuable shelf and compartment space, keeping your plasticware neat and clean.

Q: What is the best way to organize plasticware in the kitchen?

A: The best way to organize plasticware in the kitchen is to use a combination of drawer organizers and stackable bins to keep everything in order. This makes it easy to find what you need and keep your food storage containers accessible.

Q: How can I keep my plasticware tops organized?

A: To keep your plasticware lids organized, consider using a drawer or storage specifically dedicated to storing just the tops. You can also use stackable bins to store tops vertically, making it easy to grab the right one when needed.

Q: What are some creative ideas for organizing plasticware and other food storage containers?

A: Some creative ideas for organizing plasticware and other food storage containers include using a combination of cabinet and compartment organizers, as well as utilizing different sizes of stackable bins to keep everything separate and easily accessible.

Q: Can you suggest some simple hacks for organizing storage boxes tops and containers?

A: Yes, simple hacks for organizing plasticware include using stress rods as dividers in a storage or compartment, utilizing stackable baskets, and dedicating specific storage areas, such as a storage door or a compartment, for tops or containers.

Q: What are some ways to create a neat and organized storage boxes cabinet or compartment?

A: Ways to create a neat and organized plasticware storage or compartment include using compartment organizers to separate storage boxes and tops, utilizing stackable baskets for various sizes, and ensuring that everything has a designated place to stay organized.

Q: How can I store my plasticware in a way that makes it easy to access?

A: You can store your plasticware in a way that makes it easy to access by using stackable containers and baskets, labelling each one for easy identification, and ensuring that everything is within reach in a storage or compartment

Q: What are some 12 effortless hacks for plasticware organization?

A: The 12 effortless hacks for plasticware organization include using tension rods, stackable baskets, compartment organizers, and utilizing the storage or compartment space effectively. These simple hacks can make a big difference in keeping your plasticware organized and accessible.

Q: How can I receive more Tupperware organization ideas straight to my inbox?

A: To receive more plasticware organization ideas straight to your inbox, sign up for a newsletter or subscribe to a blog or website that offers kitchen organization tips. You’ll get great ideas and inspiration for keeping your plasticware neat and clean. 

Q: What are some easy hacks for organizing Tupperware?

A: You can use stress rods to create dividers in a compartment, stack storage boxes and tops vertically, utilize stackable baskets, or use a cabinet door to hang storage boxes and tops.

Q: How can I keep my Tupperware organized in my kitchen storage?

A: You can use compartment organizers to keep various sizes of storage boxes and tops neatly separated, or use stackable baskets to make the most of your storage space.

Q: What is the best methods to arrange Tupperware and other food storage containers?

A: The best way would be to keep your food storage containers in a compartment or a storage, neatly stacked and segregated by size, using dividers or stackable bins.

Q: What are some creative ideas for organizing plasticware?

A: You can use stress rods in a storage to create dividers, or use a compartment organizer to neatly store your plasticware and tops in different compartments.

Q: How can I efficiently store Tupperware tops?

A: You can store plasticware tops vertically using dividers or stress rods in a storage or compartment, making it easier to find the right top when you need it.

Q: Do you have any tips for keeping Tupperware neat and tidy?

A: Using stackable containers, compartment organizers, and utilizing available cabinet space can help in maintaining a neat and tidy plasticware storage system.

Q: What are some innovative ways to maximize storage space for Tupperware?

A: You can use stackable baskets or containers, utilize stress rods or dividers in a pantry or compartment, and make use of the storage door for hanging storage boxes and tops.

Q: How do I create an efficient Tupperware organization system?

A: You can create an efficient system by segregating storage boxes and tops by size, using stackable baskets, compartment organizers, and making the most of available storage or compartment space.

Q: Are there any clever hacks for organizing Tupperware that I can implement easily?

A: You can implement simple hacks like using tension rods, stackable baskets, or compartment organizers to keep your plasticware and tops organized without much effort.

Q: What are some practical solutions for organizing Tupperware and other food storage containers?

A: Practical solutions include utilizing stackable containers, compartment organizers, and making use of available cabinet or compartment space to efficiently organize plasticware and other food storage containers.

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