Efficient Cooking: How to Organize Kitchen Utensils

Do not you dislike it when you are cooking away your favorite meal and suddenly require a specific cooking tool? You pull open your enormous utensil drawer but cannot locate it because it is crammed with every possible cooking tool. As something burns, overcooks, or spills, you hurriedly search the area for that one tool. Staying organized is one of the earliest things we learn, but even as adults, we struggle with it. The difficulty of having an organized kitchen stems from the sheer number of small details that require attention. Drawers and cabinets are no longer sufficient; hence you need to get creative with your organizing skills. 

In this blog post, I will discuss how effortlessly you can organize your kitchen utensils and have a tidy kitchen in no time. So, keep reading, folks!

How to organize kitchen utensils

Built-in utensil storage

Install storage bins on the kitchen countertop to quickly and easily store kitchen utensils such as spoons, spatulas and whisks. These compact, covert storage containers, frequently used to store food, are ideal for holding regular utensils. To keep utensils organized, sort them by kind or use; for instance, you can stay wooden spoons in one container and silverware in another. 

Countertop utensil storage

Drawer organizer to organize kitchen utensils

The simplest way to store cutlery, measuring spoons and other tiny flat tools is in a drawer organizer. Put the organizer in the drawer and arrange your kitchenware in the designated slots. Look for a drawer organizer that can be expanded to fit different-sized drawers by being convertible. Moreover, if you want to store more oversized items in the drawers, you must install deep kitchen drawers. 

Kitchen utensil drawer with built-in dividers.
Source: Home Stratosphere

Wood knife block for drawers

If you have babies or kids in your home, this kitchen storage solution is for you. Kitchen drawer inserts come in a range of styles. The wooden knife block in drawers keeps knives neatly organized, accessible, and secure. Small paring and huge butcher knives of all sizes can fit in the two-level insert.

Drawer knife block - how to organize kitchen utensils
Source: Werner Straube

Invest in attractive storage containers

If your storage bins are beautiful, you have no choice but to display them. An attractive display can be created with kitchen items that are the same material or colour. Here, spatulas and wooden spoons are kept in a sizable crock. Add open shelves to accommodate your collection of mortar and pestles and a magnetic knife holder to keep knives close to reaching.

kitchen with white tile and wood cabinets silverware holder
Source: Tria Giovan Photography

Pull-out cabinets with hidden containers

Better Homes and Gardens shared this fantastic trick to organize kitchen utensils. Pull-out cupboards next to the cooker are ideal for storing minor cooking supplies like spices and oils. However, they can also assist in hiding utensils. Slotted spoons and spatulas can be concealed but still easily accessible by having a few metal buckets fitted on the topmost shelf of a small cupboard instead of a countertop crock.

small cabinet pulled out to show spices and tools
Source: Edmund Barr

Wall-mounted hooks to hang small kitchen utensils

You should utilize the kitchen walls smartly. Consider a wall-mounted storage rack if you intend to store utensils on the wall seriously. It is perfect for tools like spatulas, small pans and big spoons. 

Rolling kitchen cart to store utensils

Rolling kitchen carts is a great way to organize utensils and save counter space. The rolling cart may come in different designs and shapes; you can select according to your choice and requirements. Keep your utensils organized in the rolling kitchen cart without creating a mess. Another helpful tip is to transform the kitchen into a baking station and store all your baking essentials

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Store rarely used utensils in the pantry

Many of us have kitchenware that we don’t use frequently but occasionally do need. What I usually do is keep those utensils in my pantry, so. Instead, it makes perfect sense to include these goods in your pantry storage, whether in a completely different room from your kitchen or a designated cupboard right next to your cooking area in an open-plan layout.

Utilize the cabinet doors

Another great idea to save room in the drawers, hang your small utensils inside the cabinet door. Many kitchen tools can be hung here, which is truly the ideal location. You can install tiny racks on the cabinet door to keep spice jars. Moreover, you can also use cabinet doors to store pot lids. Put bars inside your cabinet doors for security. The lids can be safely stored in this manner because they will not slide or roll out.

Hanging Lazy Susan under the cabinet

Use a spinning Lazy Susan under your cabinet to hang and arrange your utensils. It is simple to turn and obtain what you require. Nobody wants to spend time searching through drawers, so stop doing that. Diagonal drawers are another tool you can use to maximize your drawer space. They allow you room for additional length!

lazy susan installed under kitchen cabinet with hanging utensils on it.
Source: One Crazy House

So, this was all about utensils organization in small kitchen. I hope you liked this article and would love to share it with your family and friends.

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Why is organizing kitchen utensils important?

Organizing kitchen utensils is crucial for a number of reasons. Not only does it make your kitchen look tidy and attractive, but it also boosts efficiency, reduces cooking time, and makes the cooking process more enjoyable.

What are the best ways to organize my kitchen utensils?

There are many effective ways to organize kitchen utensils. These include using drawer dividers, pegboards, magnetic strips, and hanging racks. The method you choose depends on your kitchen layout and personal preference.

How can I organize my kitchen utensils without much space?

If you’re short on space, try vertical storage options like hanging utensils on a wall-mounted rack or pegboard. Also, using the insides of cabinet doors for storage can free up a lot of space.

How often should I reorganize my kitchen utensils?

The frequency of reorganization depends on your usage. If you frequently use a wide range of utensils, you may need to reorganize more often. As a rule of thumb, a bi-annual review of your kitchen organization can be beneficial.

Is there a specific order in which to organize my utensils?

Yes, it’s generally best to organize your utensils according to frequency of use. Those used most often should be easiest to reach. You might also group utensils by type or by task (e.g., baking, grilling).

Should I get rid of unused utensils?

If there are utensils you haven’t used in over a year, it might be time to consider donating or recycling them. Clutter can make it harder to find and use the tools you actually need.

Can I DIY my kitchen utensil organization?

Absolutely! There are numerous DIY solutions available online, from using pegboards and magnets to creating custom drawer dividers. This can be a fun and rewarding project.

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