How to Store Chips in Pantry – 11 Cool Pantry Hacks for Chip Bags

How to Store Chips in Pantry

Hello and welcome, fellow Kitchen Warriors! As a mother juggling the chaos of daily life, I’ve turned the art of kitchen organization into an actual crusade. Today, let’s talk about something seemingly simple yet pivotal: storing chips in your pantry. These little creatures may create a real clutter, if not organized properly. 

In this blog post, I will share some of my personally tried pantry organization ideas to store the potato chips. So let’s get started:

1. Use storage bins to keep the chip packs

Oh how much I love storage bins, when it comes to organizing the pantry snacks. Opt for bins with appropriate sizes so that you can store a sufficient number of chip packs without breaking them. Remember, a clear bin not only holds your chips but showcases them, making your pantry organized and visually appealing. Additionally, choose the containers with air-tight lids to avoid unnecessary air or dust. 

Snacks stored in a pantry closet
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2. Store Chips in Stackable Containers

Stackable containers are a game-changer for pantry organizations. Why let space go to waste when you can utilize the vertical space. These containers are like building blocks for adults, creating a sturdy, accessible haven for your chips. This approach isn’t just about saving space; it’s about safeguarding your snacks from the dreaded crush.

3. Categorize by Type

Categorizing chips by type might seem over the top, but it’s a strategy born from countless snack searches. This system makes choosing a snack almost instinctual, cutting down on time and frustration. You can either categorize the chips by flavor or type. If the space allows, you can designate different sections for each chip type. 

4. Label all storage containers

Labeling the chip containers makes it easy to find what you are looking for without spending hours. Labels are a shortcut, a quick-read system that allows you to see what’s what at a glance. You can use adhesive hand-written labels or get a label maker. 

5. Organize the chips according to their expiration date

An oft-overlooked trick is sorting chips by expiration date. Organizing the chips in order of their expiration date ensures that they are being enjoyed on time. Using this method, you will be able to sort which snacks should be consumed first, thus lowering the risk of eating stale chips. 

Storing chip bags in pantry
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6. Use pull-out shelves

Pull-out shelves might sound like a luxury until you’ve experienced their utility. These wonders bring the back of your pantry to the forefront, making every item easily reachable. So, store your chip bags on the pull-out shelves, and no more forgotten bags or accidental duplicates. 

7. Kids’ snacks in lower shelves

Here’s a tip from one parent to another: Keep the kids’ snacks within their reach. It’s a simple move that fosters independence and saves you from constant snack-fetching duties. Plus, it’s a step towards teaching them about choice and organization, lessons that extend far beyond the kitchen. I always keep my little one’s snack within her reach and trust me when I say that kids love this kind of independency.

8. Use a pot lid organizer to hold chip bags

Here is another way to store snack bags: using a pot lid organizer. This nifty tool isn’t just for lids anymore. By repurposing it, you create a dedicated spot for your bags of potato chips, ensuring they stand upright and are easily accessible. It’s a smart, space-saving solution that turns clutter into an organized display. Plus, it makes grabbing your favorite snack a breeze, eliminating the all-too-common pantry shuffle. 

how to store chips in pantry using pot lid organizer
Source: Sarah Crowley

9. Use Lazy Susan to store chips in the pantry

You can use Lazy Susan to keep your snack items. This rotating tray puts all your chips within easy reach and makes it easier to find the specific snack. No more digging through piles; just a simple spin brings even the most elusive bag into view. Ideal for corner shelves or deep cabinets, the Lazy Susan maximizes space and accessibility, turning your pantry into a model of efficiency.

10. How to store an open bag of chips

Now, let’s tackle the eternal question: how to keep opened chip bags fresh. It’s all about air – or, more accurately, keeping it out. A chip clip or specialized sealer is your best friend here, locking in freshness and crunch. Also, never store half-eaten chips in the fridge as refrigeration can introduce moisture in the bag and the chips will become stale or lose their crispiness. 

11. The hanger hack for storing chips in the pantry

Ever thought outside the box—or bag, in this case? Utilize the hanger hack for storing chips in the pantry. Hang your chip bags on hangers, this will free up shelf space and keep your snacks visible and accessible. You can hang the chip hangers on the wire shelving of your pantry. If your pantry does not have such shelving, you can install a tension rod in any of the pantry shelves and hang the chip hangers there. 

How to hang chips in a pantry
Source: The Apartment Therapy

Key Takeaways

These tips are surely going to help you in organizing the snack items in your pantry. Do let me know in the comments below when you try any of these tips.

How to store chips in the pantry – FAQs

How do I deal with chip bags that don’t easily stand up in containers?

A simple trick is to use dividers in your bins or containers. They provide structure for those floppy bags, keeping everything upright and orderly.

What if my pantry is too small for all these solutions?

Focus on vertical solutions and prioritize. Use the inside of your pantry door for additional storage options like over-the-door organizers.

Can these tips apply to other snacks?

Absolutely! While I’ve focused on chips, these principles are universal. Adapt them to your pantry and your needs, and watch your kitchen transform.

How do I effectively organize my pantry?

To organize your pantry efficiently, start by decluttering and categorizing items. Use clear storage containers for pantry organization ideas and label everything for easy access.

What is the best way to store chip bags in the pantry?

The best way to store bag of chips is to use chip clips or storage containers to seal them tightly and preserve freshness. Avoid leaving chips open or stale in the pantry to maintain quality.

How do I keep my granola fresh in the pantry?

To keep your granola fresh in the pantry, transfer it to an airtight container or use a lid to seal the original packaging. Check the expiration date regularly and store it in a cool, dry place for optimal freshness.

What are some innovative pantry hacks to maximize storage space?

You can use various hack tools such as pants hangers to hang snack bags or chip bags for easy access. Utilize storage area wisely and consider investing in pantry shelf organizers for a smart pantry setup.

Why is it important to keep your chips fresh in the pantry?

Keeping your chips fresh in the pantry is crucial to preserve their taste and texture. Use proper storage containers and bag clips to prevent stale chips and ensure a satisfying snacking experience.

How can I maintain an organized pantry in the long run?

To maintain an organized pantry in the long run, make a habit of regularly decluttering, cleaning, and restocking items. Follow pantry organization tips and always see what’s existing before restocking to avoid clutter.

What are the benefits of using shelves for pantry storage?

Shelves offer a convenient way to maximize vertical space in your pantry. You can separate items and categorize them accordingly.

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