7 Brilliant Baby Bottle Storage Ideas for Kitchen

Welcoming a new bundle of joy into your home is an exciting time for any new parent. Still, it also comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is figuring out how to keep the baby’s gear arranged and easily accessible, especially regarding feeding time. With all the bottles, nipples, and other accessories needed for bottle feeding, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep everything in order, resulting in massive clutter. In this blog post, I will share some helpful & clever tips and tricks for organizing baby bottles in the kitchen. From storage solutions to time-saving hacks, I will cover everything you need to know to make feeding time a breeze and your galley a clutter-free zone. So, keep reading if you own a small kitchen and want to stockpile your baby bottles there!

Baby bottle storage ideas

Before organizing baby bottles in the kitchen, keep all the bottles in one place and sort them out. If you have multiple babies, group them accordingly. Similarly, if you breastfeed your baby and stockpile the pumped milk, keep the pumping essentials and milk storage bottles in another group. This grouping will help you plan your organizing solutions later on. 
Next, decide which storage system works best for you. Follow these brilliant baby bottle storage ideas :

1. Plastic small drawers for baby bottle storage idea

A very functional organizer for baby bottles is a small set of drawers where you can easily keep all your baby bottles. This space-saving organizer helps you stockpile all baby bottles and bottle parts in one place. This set of plastic drawers can also stockpile small essentials such as pacifiers, pumping parts, bottle pieces, and other similar items.

Plastic drawers for baby bottle storage and organization
Source: One Sweet Nursery

2. Rolling cart as baby bottles organization ideas

Rolling cart is another super helpful organizer that you can use to organize multiple kinds of stuff. stockpile your baby bottles in a rolling kitchen carrier and save the kitchen counter space. This multi-layered organizer is ideal for stockpiling all your baby bottles and other feeding necessary in one place. You can keep this carrier anywhere in the kitchen. The bonus point is you can quickly move it to any other room. Moreover, you can use a rolling carrier as a breastfeeding station by keeping your pumping machine and other necessary in it. 

kitchen rolling cart to store baby fedding bottles
Source: Pinterest

3. Designate a cabinet for baby bottles

Designate one storage unit of your kitchen, and organize bottles in that storage unit. After using bottles, keep them back in that storage unit. This will keep your kitchen mess-free and all the bottles in one place. Use dividers to avoid creating a mess inside the storage units. With the drawer dividers, each bottle will be kept in its place. 

plastic organizer for baby bottle organization
Source: Sivan Ayla

4. Devote one storage unit to store baby bottles

Like storage units, mom can keep one kitchen cabinet solely for your baby’s milk bottles. This is the easiest way to stockpile baby bottles in the culinary area, which requires no effort and money. Organize and stockpile your baby bottles and other feeding necessary in the pantry . You can keep shelf risers and storage baskets for maximum storage and better organization of the kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet for storing baby bottles
Source: Blame it on me!

5. Baby bottle drying rack in kitchen

As recommended by Brooke, if you have a bottle drying rack, you might not need any other organizer for storing baby bottles. Simply keep the drying rack near the sink and put all your bottles on the rack for drying until you want to use them for the next feed. This will keep your culinary area counter arranged and clear of milk bottles. 

Baby bottle drying rack
Source: The Hamby Home

6. Over the door or wall-mounted bottle rack 

Using vertical space is ideal for having maximum storage capacity. The same applies when stockpiling baby milk supplies in a small kitchen. Get a sturdy over-the-door or wall-mounted bottle rack and keep all your bottles in it. This will keep your kitchen mess-free. 

7. Shower caddy organizer

Another unique and creative way to store baby bottles is to use a shower caddy. This way, you can keep a maximum number of bottles in less space. 

shower caddy to store baby bottles

Source: Mommyhooding


Q: What are some innovative infant bottle organization ideas for the pantry?

A: Some innovative infant bottle organization ideas for the galley include using a basket or bin to store infant bottle, utilizing a divider in a galley cupboard, setting up a infant bottle station, using compartment dividers in a small set of drawers, or curating a set of plastic compartments as a designated infant bottle organization area.

Q: How can I best store infant feeding bottle in the galley?

A: You can best store infant bottles in the galley by using a infant bottle organizer, utilizing a pantry or galley cupboard to keep them arranged, or using a rolling carrier with compartments to store bottles and feeding fundamentals. Another option is to hang a shower caddy to store bottles and parts conveniently.

Q: What are some tips for keeping a baby bottle station arranged?

A: To keep an infant bottle organization area arranged, you can use dividers to separate different types of bottles, lids, and nourishing accessories. Additionally, labeling storage containers and keeping a designated space for bottles and accessories can help maintain organization.

Q: What is the best infant bottle organization solution for a mom on-the-go?

A: The best infant bottle organization solution for a mom on-the-go is a compact and functional infant bottle storage organizer that can be easily carried in a diaper bag or tote. Look for options that offer compartmentalized storage for bottles, formula, and breast milk storage.

Q: How can I create a infant bottle storage area in a small galley?

A: In a small galley, you can create an infant bottle organization area by utilizing vertical space, such as hanging a holder to store bottles or using a stylish mug holder to hold bottles and nourishing fundamentals. Another option is to find the perfect storage solution that fits into a compact countertop space.

Q: What are the best infant bottle organization ideas for a nursery?

A: The best infant bottle organization ideas for a nursery include setting up a dedicated infant bottle station with a boon drying rack, using compartment dividers in a set of plastic compartments, or incorporating a functional and stylish bottle organizer into the nursery decor.

Q: Are there any affiliate links for recommended infant bottle organization products?

A: Yes, some recommended infant bottle organization products may include affiliate links, so you can easily find and purchase the best storage methods for arranging infant bottles and nourishing fundamentals.

Q: What are some practical infant bottle organization ideas for formula nourishing?

A: Practical infant bottle organization ideas for procedure nourishing include using a specialized bin or basket to store procedure, creating a designated compartment in a storage for procedure storage, or utilizing a hanging shower caddy to keep procedure bottles and accessories easily accessible.

Q: How can I keep an infant bottle storage area hygienic and clean?

A: To keep an infant bottle storage area hygienic and clean, regularly wash and sterilize bottles, lids, and nourishing accessories. Use a designated space with proper ventilation and avoid storing infant bottles near any potential contaminants.

Q: Can I use compartment dividers to store infant bottle and breast milk storage bags?

A: Yes, you can use compartment dividers to arrange and store infant bottle and breast milk storage bags, creating a convenient and easily accessible storage solution for both nourishing fundamentals.

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