13 Genius Ways to Organize Water Bottles in Your Kitchen

Water bottle is something that every household has in abundance so keeping them organized might become somewhat tricky. Depending upon the number of family members and their age groups, every house has a large number of water bottles of different sizes and designs. You can not stack them over one another or simply dump them inside the cabinets. However, having them scattered all over your kitchen counter or stuffed in a cabinet can make your kitchen look cluttered and disorganized. If you’re tired of digging through a pile of water bottles to find the one you need, it’s time to get organized. In this blog post, I will discuss some simple and effective water bottle storage solutions in your kitchen, so you can easily find what you need and keep your kitchen looking tidy.

If you are an organized freak like me, you would want to keep your water bottle collection organized and in a way that doesn’t make your kitchen look messy. In this post I have compiled a list of simple and quick ideas to arrange water bottles in the kitchen. So, keep reading to know how to arrange water bottles in kitchen.

keep water bottles in shoe organizer

I can not stress enough to always use multi-purpose organizers for your home. This technique saves space and you can use one item for multiple purposes. For instance, you can use a hanging shoe arranger or wine rack for organizing bottles. You just have to keep one bottle in each transparent pocket and you are good to go. The transparent pockets will also let the bottles be visible so you can quickly grab the one you need. Hang this shoe organizer at the back of the kitchen or pantry door in case you want to keep the bottles out of sight.

Magazine holder for water bottle storage

Driven by Decor suggested a fantastic water bottle storage idea to organize water bottles in a magazine holder. Repurpose your old magazine holder and stack the bottles inside it.

how to organize water bottles in kitchen using magazine rack
Source: Driven by Decor

Sort the water bottle collection by type

The feeling of opening a cabinet or drawer full of water bottles to see complete mayhem is one that most people can identify with. If you have a big family and thus a lot of water bottles according to everyone’s needs then you should organize the bottles according to their types. For example, take different storage boxes and label them as kids bottles, flasks, mugs, glass or reusable water bottles and so on.

Color code the water bottles in a kitchen

If you have multiple bottles, with different designs and colors it’s a best idea to color code them. Color coding the bottles does wonders and up your organizing game to the next level. Not only will the bottles look pleasant but also it will be easy to get the required one. Color coding the bottles is also effective for toddlers. Keep the bottles accessible to them so that they can grab their favourite water bottle independently.

Store bottles in cabinet using storage boxes

Another genius way to store water bottles is to keep them in a storage box or basket. It’s better to use transparent boxes for this purpose so that the content of the box is visible to you.  If you don’t own a transparent one, then label the storage basket for your own ease. 

organize water bottles in kitchen
Source: Organize Simply with Tracy

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Rolling cart for water bottles

You can also keep water bottles in a moveable rolling cart. The benefit of using a rolling cart is that you can easily move it from one place to another so if you want to keep the bottles out of sight you can move it to another room or even pantry. 

Stackable water bottle organizer

Get some fancy water bottle organizers and keep them wherever you want to get yourself save from the bottle clutter. Usually the bottles organizers are designed in a way that the bottles are stackable to save space. Moreover, such stackable water bottle storage racks take less space and they keep the bottles from toppling.

Water bottle drawer 

Designate a drawer or two of your kitchen for the bottles. In order to keep the drawers clutter-free and the bottles from falling down again and again you can use drawer dividers. You can even make DIY drawer dividers too, as recommended by Jaime Costiglio.

water bottles in kitchen drawer
Source: Jaime Costiglio

Under the kitchen sink to arrange water bottles

Under the kitchen sink is a very functional space of your kitchen. If utilized smartly, you can use that area to store maximum essentials. If you don’t have any other available space in the kitchen for water bottles, then you can use the under sink space to serve the purpose. You can also use shelf riser to maximize the space and keep all your bottles. 

Keep the bottles on kitchen counter top

Having an organized kitchen is not always about hiding away stuff. With a little bit of creativity, you can keep your water bottles organized that doesn’t make them an eye sore. Such as, keep an appealing tray on the kitchen countertop that compliments with the overall decor of your kitchen and set the bottles on it. This way, you will be able to create a beautiful element in your while keeping the bottles mess-free.

Organize your water bottles inside refrigerator

During summers, you can keep water bottles inside the refrigerator too. There are really good fridge organizers and bins available in the market that you can use to keep water bottles in the refrigerator and can save a lot of space. These organizers will keep your refrigerator organized and mess-free.

Wall mounted water bottle storage rack

Another clever hack to store water bottles is to use a wall-mounted bottles rack. Using a wall-mounted organizer always saves space and help you organize he bottles in an aesthetically pleasing way. Install the organizer on any of your kitchen walls and hang all the bottles that you use daily on the rack.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is one of my most favourite organizers as you can use it in tons of ways. Keep a turntable inside the kitchen cabinet shelf or on the counter top and place your water bottles in it. However, this water bottle organization hack is not appropriate for taller bottles because there will be a chance of falling down while rotating it. Always keep your water bottle lid close

If you are interested in reading more about kitchen organization tips, then head over to our blog. 


Q: What are some clever ways to organize water bottles in the kitchen?

A: There are various smart water bottle storage ideas such as using a wine rack, stackable water bottle storage rack, door shoe organizer, or a bin to keep water bottles in place.

Q: How can I create more space for water bottle storage in my kitchen?

A: You can consider using pantry shelves, drawer dividers, or storage bins to optimize the storage space for water bottles in your kitchen.

Q: What are some effective kitchen storage solutions for organizing water bottles?

A: You can use a variety of storage solutions like a divider, plastic storage, or a basket to keep your water bottles neatly organized in the kitchen.

Q: Are there any creative organization ideas for storing water bottles in the kitchen?

A: Yes, you can explore innovative kitchen clutter solutions such as utilizing a cabinet door, utilizing a plastic water bottle holder, or using a door shoe organizer to store and organize water bottles.

Q: What is a convenient place to store water bottles in the kitchen?

A: A great place to store water bottles in the kitchen could be on a pantry shelf, in a drawer divider, or in a designated water bottle rack to keep them easily accessible.

Q: How can I keep multiple water bottles organized in the kitchen?

A: You can keep many water bottles together and neatly organized by using stackable water bottle storage racks, plastic bottles, or a door shoe organizer.

Q: Are there any tips for storing and organizing water bottles in the fridge?

A: To store and organize water bottles in the fridge, you can use a plastic water bottle holder, stackable water bottle storage rack, or storage bins to keep them in place.

Q: What are some practical ways to avoid clutter when it comes to water bottle storage in the kitchen?

A: Consider using a type of bottle holder, a water bottle rack, or a storage solution that maximizes your kitchen storage space to avoid clutter from water bottles.

Q: How can I efficiently organize reusable water bottles in my kitchen?

A: By utilizing pantry shelves, a door shoe organizer, or a plastic water bottle holder, you can efficiently organize and access your reusable water bottles in the kitchen.

Q: Why is a kitchen organizer a great option for water bottle storage and organization?

A: A kitchen organizer is a great solution for water bottle storage and organization as it helps keep your kitchen clutter-free, provides easy access to your water bottles, and maximizes your storage space.

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