23 Fresh and Bright Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas

When life gives you lemons, don’t panic and incorporate them into your kitchen decor. Jokes apart, lemon kitchen decor give a very pleasant and welcoming vibe to your home. Also, citrus decor is a fun way to spruce up your kitchen area especially in summers. So, if you are looking for some cool and easy citrus kitchen decor ideas, keep reading the article!

Benefits of lemon decor for kitchen

A minimalist kitchen looks fantastic with citrus decor. Both pale and dark colours are present in a lemon-themed kitchen decor. Imagine placing a few uncomplicated, fake lemon slices on top of the dinner table runner in the dining room to finish off the look in your airy, low-key kitchen.
Moreover, the presence of raw citrus gives your mood a sudden uplift. Thus, if you are planing to decorate your kitchen with lemon theme, get ready for a dose of pleasant mood and read the following citruskitchen decor ideas!

 1. DIY lemon art for kitchen

Chelsea from Making Home Base shared a creative idea to DIY lemon dish towels. All you need is few lemons, fabric paints of your choice and plain white tea towels to create these cute citrus printed tea towels. 

DIY stamped lemons on white flour sack tea towels
Source: Making Home Base

2. Lemon dinnerware 

To further up your citrus kitchen game and to match the kitchen theme, you can go for lemon dinnerware. Such kitchen utensils will give an overall springy touch to your kitchen with a pop of color. 

lemon themed dinnerware
Source: Kitchen Gloss

3. Lemon tea towels

Another affordable idea for adding lemon art to your kitchen is to have citrus tea towels. This quick hack will save you hard work but at the same time it will add the vibrant touch to your dining space. 

Meyer Lemon Kitchen Towels - Set of 2 | Williams Sonoma
Source: Williams Sonoma

4. Lemon-themed wall art

You can also add lemon-themed wall art to your kitchen. This little addition will add an element to your kitchen. 

lemon kitchen decor ideas
Source: Everydaywholesome

5. Lemon printed table runner 

Don’t you love such a pretty citrus printed table runner for your dining table? 

lemon table runner
Source: Shopee Philippines

6. Lemon Vase 

If you love fresh flowers, then you should go for this easy decor hack. Trust me, they will look super gorgeous! Simply add sliced or raw lemons in an attractive transparent jar or vase and you are good to go.

Mini Lemon Jars for Lemon Kitchen Decor Ideas

7. Lemon wall-paper for kitchen

If you want to give your kitchen wall color and liveliness, lemon wallpaper is the ideal way to go. No matter what color your kitchen walls are, a lovely lemon wallpaper will produce a lively and bright appearance.

lemon wall paper for lemon themed kitchen
Source: Maggieoverbystudios

8. Display lemons on countertop

Another quick way to incorporate citrus decor to your kitchen is to keep lemons on your countertop or kitchen island

lemons displayed on a countertop for lemon kitchen
Source: Pinterest

9. Create a lemonade corner

Following a citrus-themed kitchen and not having a lemonade nook will be injustice. Create this corner for this summer and thank me later. 

lemonade corner for lemon kitchen
Source: Best4crafts

10. Lemon-themed dining table

You can add citrus decor to your dining area too by using citrus printed table placemats, runners and candle stands. 

lemon themed dining table
Source: Pinterest

11. Citrus printed window curtain

Use kitchen drapes with citrus prints to improve the decor if your cooking area has plenty of natural light. Additionally, you can get exquisite draperies to go with the kitchen’s citrus theme. 

citrus themed window curtain for kitchen
Source: Pinterest

12. Lemon Rug for lemon-themed kitchen

A cute citrus printed kitchen rug is another great way to add freshness to your kitchen. Please make sure to use a water proof one to avoid the unwanted accidents. 

lemon rug for kitchen
Source: Amazon

13. Yellow colored dish towel

Let’s not forget a yellow colored dish towel to be used in your kitchen if you plan to have a citrus kitchen decor. 

Source: Best4crafts

14. Lemon wreaths for kitchen

Let’s take your kitchen decor game one step further and add lemon wreaths on your kitchen cabinets. This little addition will give a festive look to your kitchen in no time. 

lemon wreaths and garland for kitchen decor ideas
Source: Amazon

15. Citrus decor in open kitchen shelving

You don’t have to keep all of your citrus in one fruit bowl. Stock up on as many citrus as you require and let them fill numerous fruit bowls if you frequently use them in recipes, cocktails, or for other purposes. Citrus bowls are simple to use as decor, so you can place them in any space. Alternately, you can use your abundance of citrus to line a single set of shelves to make the most of the accent. 

Kitchen shelves lined with bowls of lemons
Source: Dine x Design

16. Lemon tree for kitchen decor

Grow a citrus tree for yourself to get some fresh fruit. Since the tree requires a lot of direct sunshine, it might not work in every environment. But it provides a fascinating method to freshen up a kitchen with plenty of windows. 

A laundry room decorated with lemon-printed towels and a small lemon tree
Source: Simple joy at home

17. Wall clock for citrus kitchen

Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to decorate your kitchen? These colorful accessories, which range from clocks to tins to cutlery, can bring a joyful air to any kitchen.

Particularly wall clocks are excellent for bringing cheer and brightness into any room. There is no incorrect way to use a lime kitchen decor item, whether you’re using them as a novelty item or as a practical timepiece!

Wall Clock for lemon kitchen

18. Lemon storage boxes for kitchen

A lemon storage container is a fantastic way to liven up your kitchen decor. Lime or any other citrus fruit can be stored in it. Additionally, it’s a fantastic method to display your culinary prowess. You can display your creations in the lime bin if you use lime in the recipe.

Lemon Storage Bin
Source: Zayanguide

19. Citrus chopping board

Another fun way to add citrus decor to your kitchen is to use citrus cutting boards. This will freshen up the overall theme of your kitchen. 

lemon printed Chopping Board

20. Lemon-scented Candles or essential oils

What better way to add lemons into your kitchen art than to keep citrus scented candles and essential oils in the kitchen. Using these candles and essential oils will give the real citrus vibe to your kitchen. In addition to visual decor, the scent can also contribute to the overall atmosphere of the kitchen.

21. Lemon-themed kitchen appliances

You can also go for lemon-printed kitchen appliances for your kitchen to coordinate with the theme. Lemon-themed kitchen appliances will go well with your kitchen and add a freshness to your mundane kitchen.

lemon printed kitchen mixture
Source: Etsy

22. Lemon colored kitchen furniture

If you want your kitchen furniture to match the theme, you can always invest in citrus-colored kitchen furniture. Kitchen furniture like citrus-colored stools, chairs, or even cabinets would extend the theme further.

lemon-colored kitchen
Source: Ideal Home

23. Lemon-themed lighting fixtures

Lighting plays a major role in overall decor of any space. The incorporation of lemon or yellow themed lighting fixtures is another great idea to enhance the citrus beauty of your kitchen.

lemon-themed lighting fixtures for kitchen
Source: Amazon


Incorporating citrus decor and art into your kitchen is a fun way to an aesthetically pleasing kitchen. However, you’ll need to be aware of where to find the best home decor products if you’ve been motivated to add citrus kitchen decoration to your house. If you hunt in the proper places and at the appropriate time, you can pretty much always locate citrus kitchen decor. You may buy the most citrus kitchen décor during the spring and summer seasons. So, let’s not waste any more time and start hunting your favorite citrus kitchen accessories.

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Q: What is citrus kitchen decor?

A: Citrus kitchen decor refers to the use of citrus-themed items and designs in decorating the kitchen space. It often includes items such as citrus prints, citrus-shaped decor, and citrus-colored accents to create a bright and fresh look in the kitchen.

Q: How can I incorporate farmhouse style into my citrus kitchen decor?

A: You can incorporate farmhouse style into your citrus kitchen decor by adding rustic elements, using items like wooden crates, vintage-inspired signage, and distressed finishes. This can create a charming and cozy farmhouse feel in your lemon-themed kitchen.

Q: What are some popular citrus kitchen decor items?

A: Some popular citrus kitchen decor items include lemon-printed kitchen towels, lemon-shaped wall art or signs, faux lemon decorations for tiered trays, lemon-themed table decor, and watercolor lemon prints for wall art or kitchen mats.

Q: How can I create a lemon tiered tray decor for my kitchen?

A: You can create a lemon tiered tray decor by arranging faux lemons, lemon-themed signs, small lemon-printed plates, and other citrus-colored decor on a tiered tray. This can serve as a delightful centerpiece for your kitchen counter or dining table.

Q: What are some ideas for incorporating lemon wall decor in the kitchen?

A: You can incorporate lemon wall decor in the kitchen by using lemon-themed art prints, wooden signs with lemon quotes, or even a lemon-shaped wall clock. These items can add a cheerful and vibrant touch to the kitchen walls.

Q: How can I create a cohesive lemon galley decor theme?

A: To create a cohesive citrus kitchen decor theme, you can use a consistent color palette of yellow, green, and white, incorporate citrus prints and motifs across various decor items, and pay attention to details such as lemon-shaped hardware or lemon-patterned textiles.

Q: What are some creative DIY lemon galley decor ideas?

A: Creative DIY citrus kitchen decor ideas include painting faux lemons with watercolor designs, making a lemon garland using paper or fabric, creating lemon-themed kitchen towels with fabric paint, or hand-lettering lemon quotes on wooden signs for wall decor.

Q: How can I style a farmhouse kitchen with lemon decor for a fresh look?

A: You can style a farmhouse kitchen with lemon decor for a fresh look by incorporating natural textures like burlap or jute, using white or distressed wood elements, and adding pops of yellow with lemon-themed items such as fruit baskets, pitchers, and floral arrangements.

Q: What are some tips for creating a lemon-themed tablescape in the kitchen?

A: Some tips for creating a lemon-themed tablescape in the kitchen include using a combination of fresh lemons, lemon-patterned table runners or placemats, incorporating yellow and green florals, and adding citrus-themed centerpieces like a lemon-filled bowl or vase.

Q: How can I make my kitchen decor more lemonade-inspired?

A: You can make your kitchen decor more lemonade-inspired by incorporating additional elements such as lemonade pitcher and glass sets, lemon slice coasters, lemon-printed kitchen linens, and playful lemonade-inspired.

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